Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cat stuck in the fence

I let Rambo out on Thursday because when I went out to feed him, there was a cat stuck in Rambo's fence. I was happy to see that the cat wasn't injured. It looked like the cat had tried to get some water out Rambo's dish, because his water dish is sitting right against the fence. Unfortunately, it managed to get its head stuck. I didn't want Rambo to scare the cat, so after he was done eating I let him into the garage. I sat with him in the garage until my dad got home so he could get the cat out. While Rambo was in the garage, I fed him an orange. He really liked that. Once my dad got home, he got the cat out of the fence by cutting the wire link and pushing the cat gently out. The cat hung around for a little bit, but it soon ran off.