Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Picture

Yesterday, my family and I took a Christmas picture to send out to friends and family. It was hilarious. In the picture we had my dad, brother, mom, our two pugs, Rambo and me. We had to take about five different pictures until we finally got a good one. Rambo and the pugs wouldn't stay still, so I had to set Cheerios on the ground for Rambo so that while we were taking the picture he wouldn't move so much. Although, we had to hurry up and take the picture before Rambo got done eating his Cheerios because he can eat them really fast. When we got a good picture taken, my mom uploaded it onto the computer and put it on one of those Christmas card backgrounds, but when she did, the picture looked blurry! My mom tried to get it as clear as she could, but it still looked a little blurry. I am hoping they turn out!

Rambo has been doing well, we have him all prepared for winter. My dad put a radio in his house so Rambo can be listening to something while he is in his house.


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