Friday, April 15, 2011

The snow is gone!

The snow is finally melted! I am pretty happy that it is gone because spring is finally here! Rambo has been able to get out and stretch his legs more and he is now eating his food outside instead of in his house. He is pretty happy too. :) When we come home from being in town, Rambo will be standing in his yard wagging his tail. I filled up his busy ball one day and he was so excited to be rolling it around again! He hasn't been able to use it since last summer!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Feeding Time

Rambo had a very special treat for supper tonight. Along with his potbelly pig food, he also got a head of lettuce! We had used the lettuce for tacos on Friday night, but we hadn't used it since, so we gave it to Rambo and he absolutely loved it! He ate the whole thing. Rambo also got some fresh straw in his house today too. His other straw was pretty damp so we went and bought two new bales today. When we took out the wet straw and put in the new straw, Rambo was very happy!