Saturday, March 26, 2011


My friend, Taylor and I planned a surprise party for my friend Bella's 14th birthday yesterday. We invited over a few friends and we had a lot of fun! Bella was not expecting it at all. Bella's little brother Aaron came downstairs because he wanted to hang out with us so badly! He had so much fun that he didn't want to help my dad feed Rambo! My brother went out to help my dad feed him though. :)

Rambo stayed in his house yesterday. I think he is still not very happy about the snow that fell on Wednesday. The temperatures are going to warm up soon, so hopefully once some of it melts, he can come outside for some exercise!



Taylor said...

Oh my gosh! That was the "funnest" party ever! Bella was totally surprised... :)

oboe.chick said...

It was really fun! Thanks for coming and for sleeping over!


Kaitlyn said...

You're welcome. It was a BLAST!!!!!