Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Still really cold

It's still been really cold outside. When I went out to feed Rambo, I was so cold! Rambo is doing good, he doesn't like the cold one bit though. It is supposed to warm up a little though, so hopefully he can get outside a little bit. I cleaned out his water dish because it was a little dirty, so now he has nice, clean water.



ApachesPrincess said...

Hi Caylee!!

Missed you at the Share the Fun meeting the other night! Are you and Collin going to be in it? Hopefully it warms up soon - it's supposed to be almost 50 on I think Saturday! So that will be very nice! Maybe all the snow will even I wishful thinking? Probably.

oboe.chick said...

Hi Reyna!

Sorry we weren't able to get to Share the Fun. We were a little busy that day. I think it is supposed to get pretty nice out on Saturday! I hope so!