Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day!
It's Memorial Day! The day where we remember those who have served! Thank you to all who have served for our country! Rambo has been enjoying his Memorial Day! We have seen him laying in the sun enjoying himself. We tried to take a picture, but he always moved before we were able to get a shot of him. He has been outside for awhile, and we just put him back in his pen where he is pushing his busy ball around. I don't have any school today, and I only have a few more days of school left! Only 7 more days, counting today! I can get outside a lot more to see Rambo! My dad, brother, and I went for a 4 mile bike ride, that was pretty fun. After we got back from riding our bikes, we let Rambo outside and he got to wander around. :)


Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a warm day!

It has been really nice outside where I live. Not only has my family been outside enjoying the weather, but so has Rambo! He likes walk around outside, push his busy ball around, and dig in the dirt. I am not sure if he has been in his pool yet. I hope you enjoyed his little video! I thought it was a good idea to put it on his blog! It was really funny to watch the pugs eat with him! Rambo also likes to run and jump and play around when he comes out to walk around! My dad said that he was running in circles around him one day. :) I will keep you updated on how he is doing! Have a good day!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Rambo video clip!

Here is a video clip of the pugs enjoying some Cheerios with Rambo! Enjoy!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Rambo's great escape!

On Wednesday, after we had come home, we drove down our driveway and stopped by Rambo's house to check on him. We looked out in our woods, and what do we see? Rambo! Standing in the woods digging! He stood there wagging his tail and digging, he didn't even care we were there! My brother and I jumped out of the car and told him to go back to his pen. He trotted in there, and we looked for the hole in the fence he got out of. We found it. Rambo dug some of the fence out of the ground and squeezed through it! My dad was mad, because he had dug up some of our yard. Then, he had walked over to our woods and started digging that up too! There are all kinds of holes there now. :) Silly pig! Me and my dad had to go to Menards and pick up some more posts for the fencing around his house, and put those in the ground. It made the fence tighter, so hopefully he shouldn't be able to get out now! I will post some pictures soon!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Rambo is all better!

Well, Rambo's skin condition "Dippity Pig" is all cleared up now. :) I am so glad! All that's basically left are little scabs! He was so happy when he came out of his pen, he didn't have anymore pain, and he was running around the yard, all happy! We gave him oranges and Cheerios and Rambo was digging in the dirt as always. :) When it was time for him to go back in his pen, my dad and I called for him to follow us, but he so busy rooting in the dirt looking for roots, he wouldn't listen to us. He just stood there ignoring us, wagging his tail. Finally, my dad gave him a little nudge, and he walked over to his pen and walked inside. I went in the house, and dad told me that he had given Rambo a big plate of roots to eat! I looked outside and saw him gobbling them up! It was so funny!