Monday, October 25, 2010

Gloomy day

Today is kind of gloomy today. It has been cloudy and raining all day, so Rambo has been cooped up in his house all day. Poor little guy! I hope the weather gets better soon so that he can go outside and stretch his legs.

We had a garage sale over MEA weekend, and I also had oral surgery. :( I had to get four wisdom teeth taken out! Rambo came and saw me in my bedroom when I got home from the surgery. I fed him a couple Cheerios. :) Rambo went and visited the garage sale also and my dad said Rambo got some of the pants dirty with his nose. I thought that was kind of funny!


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Rambo has been doing really well. It has been getting colder out though, so he has been spending more time in his house. My dad, brother, and I went and sat with him in his house this evening and he was really happy to see us. We fed him an orange and some Cheerios which he really enjoyed. Rambo's hooves have been getting longer, and we are going to have to shave them down a little bit, too.

I will try to update Rambo's blog again as soon as I can! I only have two more swim meets left until the season is over, and then I will hopefully be able to update more!

We went and saw the movie: Secretariat, and it was really good! I would recommend it. :)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Rambo is doing great!

Rambo is doing really well. The weather is starting to change from summer to fall, but it doesn't affect Rambo at all. His winter coat is starting to come back, and my dad picked up some alfalfa to put in his house. We put some in there a couple days ago, and Rambo went in there and munched on it for awhile. :) I will be posting some pictures of Rambo soon!

I also wanted to post on something I was super excited about today! We had a school project in my Computer class where we had to write a letter to a celebrity. I chose to write to Freddie Highmore who has been in the movies: Finding Neverland, August Rush, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many others, and I got a reply back! I was so excited!