Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rambo got out of his pen again!

I got so worried because yesterday, my brother went out to get the mail and he saw big piles of dug up dirt in our yard. He went and checked in Rambo's house and he wasn't there! I went out and we called for him and he just wouldn't come! So, my mom and I hopped in the car and we drove down the road and looked in the trees, and when we got two houses down from ours, we saw Rambo, standing by a swampy area, grazing. I was so happy we found him! So I ran over there and called him, and he came trotting over, and my mom and I walked with him back to our house while my brother got into the Jeep and drove it back to the house. Finally, I got Rambo back into his pen, and I found the hole where he had dug himself out. I put a few bricks in front of it, and my brother and I put a stake in the ground and attached it to his fence with some wire ties, to make sure he wouldn't be able to get out again. I hope it works!


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