Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cleaning up Rambo's pen

I cleaned up Rambo's pen today. I opened up his house so it could air out, then I cleaned off his toys. I got rid of a couple of the toys he didn't play with, too. I also raked his house and made all the dirt nice and even instead of it being lumpy messy. I also gave him fresh water, cleaned up his bathroom corner, and filled up his busy ball for him to play with. He is really happy I cleaned it up!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We have an apple tree outside my house. The tree produces a lot of apples every year, although, most of them fall on the ground and become rotten. Rambo finds good use for the apples though! Everytime he comes out of his pen, he trots over to the apple tree, and eats the apples that have fallen on the ground. Yesterday, my dad and I were outside, and there were so many apples on the ground, I had to go and find a box to put them in so that Rambo wouldn't eat them all! I will probably go outside today and give him one. I am sure he will love that!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

A windy day

Rambo had a very fun day today! I had put feed in his busy ball for him to roll around, but soon, he had pushed it into his water bucket. So, I had to dump out the water, refill it, and set his busy ball outside his pen so all the water could come out. After that, I let him outside, and he went and ate, of course! I also washed up some lettuce for him, and fed that to him. He really enjoyed that! :) After that, I fed him, and then after we ate our supper, my dad, brother, and I went and let him out again. He had a lot of fun! My dad was sitting with Rambo, and he realized that soon, we would have to re-size Rambo's door because his back is starting to scrape against the top of the door frame!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rambo was busy!

Hello! Sorry I couldn't post for awhile! We had a storm a few days ago, and it knocked out our internet. Rambo has been doing really well! He got through all the storms pretty well. It was humid Monday through Friday, and luckily the humidity has finally left! I think Rambo was happy it had left too! I could barely be outside for a long time because it was so hot out! We had friends of ours come over last night for dinner, and they got to see Rambo for the first time! Our friends own a photography business in our town, and we want them to see if they can take pictures of Rambo! If we get them done, I will have to post the pictures! I will post more about Rambo soon!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

A warm day

It is has been very humid these last few days! Today it is really warm, so I went and opened up Rambo's house for him so that he can get some fresh air into his house. I also brought him an orange for a little snack. He hasn't had oranges for awhile so I decided that he might like to have something different instead of watermelon and lettuce all the time for a snack. Rambo has been very good, it is a good thing he shed his winter coat because otherwise he would be roasting underneath all that hair! I am going to take the hose today and spray him with some water so that he can cool down.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot and Humid

It is very humid where I live. Rambo doesn't want to be in his house on humid days because it gets so warm inside it. So, on warm days like this, I have to go and open up his house which I am going to do in a couple of minutes. :) Usually on hot days, Rambo likes to go and lay in the dirt, so that's probably what I will be seeing him doing all day today! He has been a very good boy, and yesterday he got a yummy treat of watermelon and celery which he really enjoyed! Well, I had better go and open up Rambo's house!