Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rambo's fun day

Rambo had a fun day today. He was outside a lot today! He was eating dandilions and other numerous plants! We gave him tons of Cheerios, of course. :) We were working with Rambo and he has learned how to do his sitting trick, and his circle trick without us having to do the hand movements. Like with his sitting trick, we tell him "Sit," and he sits down without us having to hold the Cheerio in the air to get him to sit. Also, with his circle trick, we tell him to do a "Circle," and he will turn in a circle without us having to move the Cheerio in a circle in front of him. I am really proud of him for learning how to do that! Rambo also got a yummy treat after dinner which was, some watermelon and cantelope. He has never tried cantelope, and he really enjoyed it! We poured his watermelon in his food dish and he gobbled that up so fast! Watermelon is his favorite! Last night, we had a bad storm at our house. It was really windy and raining and all that, and when we went to check on Rambo after the storm, he was all curled up in his straw! I don't think he was scared at all by the storm. He was running around a lot today too, my dad was bringing him back from digging in the woods, and Rambo came running through the weeds. :) It was really cute!


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