Friday, July 2, 2010

Rambo went to the vet/Bath time

We took Rambo to the vet and he did very well. He was very patient with the vet and didn't get mad once. Although, he didn't really like it when the vet was feeling his stomach, he got kind of grumpy. We thought that he had a bladder infection, which is common in male pigs, but it turns out he had a respiratory problem. So the vet gave us some pills for him to take. The vet's assistant tried different things to get him to take the pills. She took some pill hiders, they were for dogs, but I guess potbellies could eat them too, she put little pieces of the pill inside it and gave it to him. Rambo figured out there was something wrong with the taste of his little treat, so he started to drool...a lot. It was not a pretty sight. My mom was getting a little grossed out. The assistant tried to give him something so that he wouldn't think about the taste in his mouth...but he still drooled. Finally, he stopped! So, we took the pills home, and yesterday we gave Rambo his pills. We broke them into quarter sized pieces and hid them in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We gave him little sections of the sandwich, and he ate all of them except for the last piece! He found the pills inside the sandwich and started to drool them out...luckily it was on our driveway, so all we had to do was wash it away with the hose! Anyway, here is a picture of Rambo at the vet! He was a very good patient!

Here is patient Rambo at the vet!

We were only able to get one picture of him, but after he came home, he was feeling so much better! Then yesterday, I cleaned up Rambo's pool, and I got it all set up for bath time! Here are some pictures:

My dad cleaning Rambo's ears.

Look how clean he is!!

Mia is our pug with one eye. At her old home, a boxer got into a fight with her, and her eye was hurt, and they had to take it out. She decided to come and watch us give Rambo a bath!

Time to dry off Rambo!

All clean!



Marian Love Phillips said...

Rambo is soooo cute...I look forward to following your's very good! You should be proud. Love all your pictures! :)

oboe.chick said...

Thank you very much!