Friday, July 9, 2010

Rambo on the Fourth of July!

Rambo came up to the campground with us, and he was a big hit again! We went to the same campground that we went to last year, and everyone always wanted to see the potbelly pig. :) When we first got there, my dad was getting the camper parked into our spot, and a guy riding on the back of a golf cart shouted: "Those people have a pig!" I said to Rambo, "Wow, Rambo, your famous already!" Here are a few snapshots of Rambo at the lake:

We got Rambo a brand new Busy Ball for up at the campground. He loved it!

Rambo would get so warm up at the campground, that he would put his front hooves in the water, and tip it over so that water would spill all over and he would roll in it. It was pretty funny. :)

Rambo had to take a few naps during the day because he would get tired and cranky.

Rambo loved going up to the lake to cool off! Here is Rambo eating some Cheerios while standing in lake water.

Rambo loved to eat little roots and weeds at the lake.

Rambo wanted to come in the camper one morning, but we wouldn't let him come in because he had to go to the bathroom before he came inside. So, he got mad and tipped over the garbage can.

Rambo got to be in our campground's Fourth of July parade. He got to where a bandana and a little star headband.

Here goes Rambo to be in the parade!

Sorry, but I wasn't able to get any pictures of Rambo actually in the parade because I was with him. But it was a whole lot of fun! When we would go by people would yell: "Look! It's the pig!" or "Look at the pig!" It was really fun. Rambo was kind of shy, so he hid his nose under my arm. :)

Then, after a long and exhausting day, Rambo would fall asleep on my bed!