Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rambo home alone!

From Friday until Wednesday, Rambo stayed home all by himself while my family and I went on a vacation. We asked our neighbors if they would take care of him while we were gone, and they said, Yes! So, we left on Friday, I was really sad to watch him disappear as we drove up our driveway! :( But, I was so happy to get home on Wednesday to find him all happy and excited that we were home! Our neighbors had taken very good care of him, I was really happy to see that they had done all the things we asked them to do for Rambo! I had a really good time on vacation too!



LuLu said...

Caylee, glad you had a good time and that Rambo made it on his own! It is sad to leave your pets behind.'ll have to come watch the fashion show on Friday night at the fair at 7:00!

(I'm finally following you!)

oboe.chick said...

That would be really cool! I will have to see if we can go! :) Thanks for following!