Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rambo News!

Rambo has been doing really well! He came outside today and went and ate some bird seed like he always does. He has lost most of his hair, but he has a coat of little hairs underneath where his winter coat was! :) It is really cute because he feels really soft! I will have to go and give him his supper in a few minutes so I can't type much longer! We went and got Rambo another bag of Cheerios, because his other bag ran out! He eats so many of those Cheerios! Well, I have to go and feed Rambo now!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rambo got through another storm!

We had another storm last night, and after the storm, I went and checked on Rambo and he was all snuggled up in his straw. He wasn't even bothered by the rain at all! I was very proud of him. He had a couple branches that had fallen in his pen, but other than that, everything was the same! It had been raining really hard and windy. Rambo got a bowl of Gatorade for a yummy treat!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4-H Results

I am happy to announce that I got blue ribbons on everything I entered! I get blue ribbons on my photography and in the pet show! :) Rambo did very well at the pet show, he had to wait quite a while because we didn't know we had to fill in a time slot and had to wait for about two hours to be interviewed by the judge. Rambo was kind of antsy, but he did really well in the pet show. He wore his new blue harness and a navy blue bandanna we borrowed from my mom. Here are some pictures.

Rambo had quite a fun time at the pet show, he even met a new friend! (Check out the picture below!)

Rambo met this five month old cat at the pet show! The cat wasn't afraid of Rambo at all!
These are the 4 ribbons that I won! I am really proud to have won all of them!


Pet Show

Today, Rambo is going to be in a pet show! I am in 4-H and we entered Rambo into it. A few minutes ago, we gave Rambo a bath. We also got him a new blue color, which he will be wearing in the show. My dad will be getting pictures for me, and I will post how we did after the pet show!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rambo's fun day

Rambo had a fun day today. He was outside a lot today! He was eating dandilions and other numerous plants! We gave him tons of Cheerios, of course. :) We were working with Rambo and he has learned how to do his sitting trick, and his circle trick without us having to do the hand movements. Like with his sitting trick, we tell him "Sit," and he sits down without us having to hold the Cheerio in the air to get him to sit. Also, with his circle trick, we tell him to do a "Circle," and he will turn in a circle without us having to move the Cheerio in a circle in front of him. I am really proud of him for learning how to do that! Rambo also got a yummy treat after dinner which was, some watermelon and cantelope. He has never tried cantelope, and he really enjoyed it! We poured his watermelon in his food dish and he gobbled that up so fast! Watermelon is his favorite! Last night, we had a bad storm at our house. It was really windy and raining and all that, and when we went to check on Rambo after the storm, he was all curled up in his straw! I don't think he was scared at all by the storm. He was running around a lot today too, my dad was bringing him back from digging in the woods, and Rambo came running through the weeds. :) It was really cute!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Rambo's Day

Rambo had a lot of fun outside today. Although, he was being kind of naughty because he was rooting in our yard, and he is not supposed to do that. So I had to tell him "No!". He fussed a little bit about that. Rambo also ate the little apples that fell from our apple tree, although I think they are a bit sour for him! My mom came out and fed him some celery, he liked it a lot!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rambo home alone!

From Friday until Wednesday, Rambo stayed home all by himself while my family and I went on a vacation. We asked our neighbors if they would take care of him while we were gone, and they said, Yes! So, we left on Friday, I was really sad to watch him disappear as we drove up our driveway! :( But, I was so happy to get home on Wednesday to find him all happy and excited that we were home! Our neighbors had taken very good care of him, I was really happy to see that they had done all the things we asked them to do for Rambo! I had a really good time on vacation too!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Rambo on the Fourth of July!

Rambo came up to the campground with us, and he was a big hit again! We went to the same campground that we went to last year, and everyone always wanted to see the potbelly pig. :) When we first got there, my dad was getting the camper parked into our spot, and a guy riding on the back of a golf cart shouted: "Those people have a pig!" I said to Rambo, "Wow, Rambo, your famous already!" Here are a few snapshots of Rambo at the lake:

We got Rambo a brand new Busy Ball for up at the campground. He loved it!

Rambo would get so warm up at the campground, that he would put his front hooves in the water, and tip it over so that water would spill all over and he would roll in it. It was pretty funny. :)

Rambo had to take a few naps during the day because he would get tired and cranky.

Rambo loved going up to the lake to cool off! Here is Rambo eating some Cheerios while standing in lake water.

Rambo loved to eat little roots and weeds at the lake.

Rambo wanted to come in the camper one morning, but we wouldn't let him come in because he had to go to the bathroom before he came inside. So, he got mad and tipped over the garbage can.

Rambo got to be in our campground's Fourth of July parade. He got to where a bandana and a little star headband.

Here goes Rambo to be in the parade!

Sorry, but I wasn't able to get any pictures of Rambo actually in the parade because I was with him. But it was a whole lot of fun! When we would go by people would yell: "Look! It's the pig!" or "Look at the pig!" It was really fun. Rambo was kind of shy, so he hid his nose under my arm. :)

Then, after a long and exhausting day, Rambo would fall asleep on my bed!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Rambo went to the vet/Bath time

We took Rambo to the vet and he did very well. He was very patient with the vet and didn't get mad once. Although, he didn't really like it when the vet was feeling his stomach, he got kind of grumpy. We thought that he had a bladder infection, which is common in male pigs, but it turns out he had a respiratory problem. So the vet gave us some pills for him to take. The vet's assistant tried different things to get him to take the pills. She took some pill hiders, they were for dogs, but I guess potbellies could eat them too, she put little pieces of the pill inside it and gave it to him. Rambo figured out there was something wrong with the taste of his little treat, so he started to drool...a lot. It was not a pretty sight. My mom was getting a little grossed out. The assistant tried to give him something so that he wouldn't think about the taste in his mouth...but he still drooled. Finally, he stopped! So, we took the pills home, and yesterday we gave Rambo his pills. We broke them into quarter sized pieces and hid them in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We gave him little sections of the sandwich, and he ate all of them except for the last piece! He found the pills inside the sandwich and started to drool them out...luckily it was on our driveway, so all we had to do was wash it away with the hose! Anyway, here is a picture of Rambo at the vet! He was a very good patient!

Here is patient Rambo at the vet!

We were only able to get one picture of him, but after he came home, he was feeling so much better! Then yesterday, I cleaned up Rambo's pool, and I got it all set up for bath time! Here are some pictures:

My dad cleaning Rambo's ears.

Look how clean he is!!

Mia is our pug with one eye. At her old home, a boxer got into a fight with her, and her eye was hurt, and they had to take it out. She decided to come and watch us give Rambo a bath!

Time to dry off Rambo!

All clean!