Friday, June 11, 2010

Another rainy day

*Sigh* It is another rainy day. It has been raining since about 2 AM and the only time I went outside was to feed Rambo. Rambo didn't want to eat in the rain, so I put his food in his house for him to eat. He has been really good, although he had to have a time out because he was digging up our yard, and he is not supposed to. He doesn't really care that he is having a time out because he gets to have Cheerios put in his dish to eat. Rambo was wagging his tail the whole time! I will probably go and see him today once the rain is done with. I am really excited also, because I am going to camp! I am going to miss Rambo, though. :( But I think camp will be really fun and I am going with my friend, Taylor. I just hope it won't rain every single day we are there though!


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