Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rambo is sick

Well, Rambo is sick again. I opened up his roof, and he wouldn't get up. I don't think it is constipation this time either, because he isn't eating or drinking anything either. We are probably going to have to bring him to the vet tomorrow if he isn't better. I am really worried about him. I called his old owner and asked her if she knew anything that could be wrong. Right now, I am waiting for her to call back because she said that she would call a friend of hers and see if she could figure anything out. Well, I guess I had better go! I will keep you posted on how he is doing.


UPDATE: Rambo still isn't any better, so we are going to call the vet and set up an appointment for him. :(

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This afternoon, I went and saw Rambo. When I was there, he wouldn't get up or anything. He just lied there. I felt his belly, and we think he has constipation again. His belly feels bloated. So, my dad went and bought some prune juice, and we gave that to him. He seemed to feel a little better because he was wagging his tail. :) I hope he will feel better soon, because he is supposed to come camping with us for Fourth of July! I will keep you updated on how he is doing!


UPDATE: Rambo is doing a lot better! We had him outside, and he was trotting around the yard and eating Cheerios. He hasn't gone to the bathroom yet though...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rambo's going to be in the County Fair!

I just figured out today that Rambo is going to be in the pet show at my county fair! I am pretty excited...although I am not really sure what I am supposed to do. :) I am sure he will do fine though. I will have to make sure he doesn't cause any trouble though! :) It has been a rainy day where I am. No warm weather really, just a bunch of clouds. Rambo has probably been hanging out in his house all day, he doesn't even want to be outside in the rainy weather! Well, when he is in the Pet show, I am going to have to get some pictures and post them!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rambo eats a Fruit Bar!

My mom came into the house and suggested that Rambo should have a fruit bar. I wasn't so sure because it seemed like it might be something he shouldn't be eating, but I decided it was probably okay. So I walked outside, fruit bar in hand, and gave it to Rambo. He loved it! He took a bite out of it and thought it was so good! He ate it like a normal human would. He didn't bite into the stick or anything. I let him lick the rest of the fruit bar off of the little stick and he licked it off! I thought he wouldn't lick it, but he did! I was so proud of him for eating it! I should have gotten a picture...oh well, I am sure he can always have another one in a few days. :)


A hot day

It sure is hot and humid where I am! Rambo is so warm that he will lay in the dirt because it feels nice and cool to him. He looks so cute though! I am letting his house air out so that will cool out in there, so hopefully that will help. :) I gave him more water and filled up his Busy Ball so that he will spend some time outside, and when I get home, I will let him out so he can enjoy the weather. I have seen that he has been wading in his pool, there are little hoofprints inside it! :) He has never gone in his pool without having us put Cheerios in there, so I am pretty proud of him for doing that!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am back from camp!

Well, I am back from my Bible camp! It was so much fun, but I am glad to be back with my family too. Rambo was so happy to see I was back! He was wagging his tail with happiness when I said hello to him from the car window. Here are a few pictures we took of him:

I thought this picture was really cute!

Here is Rambo waiting for us to give him a Cheerio!

Rambo is eating some bird seed in this photo.

We just noticed today that Rambo has started to shed his winter coat, he must know summer is here! Here is a picture of a few of his hairs...He has lost a lot of them.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am going to camp

I am going to camp for a whole week! So, I won't be able to update Rambo's blog until either Friday or Saturday. I will get a picture of Rambo eating his birthday treat and post it when I get back!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Another rainy day

*Sigh* It is another rainy day. It has been raining since about 2 AM and the only time I went outside was to feed Rambo. Rambo didn't want to eat in the rain, so I put his food in his house for him to eat. He has been really good, although he had to have a time out because he was digging up our yard, and he is not supposed to. He doesn't really care that he is having a time out because he gets to have Cheerios put in his dish to eat. Rambo was wagging his tail the whole time! I will probably go and see him today once the rain is done with. I am really excited also, because I am going to camp! I am going to miss Rambo, though. :( But I think camp will be really fun and I am going with my friend, Taylor. I just hope it won't rain every single day we are there though!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is finally here!

I am so excited! School is finally over for me, and Summer vacation is here! I will be in the 8th grade next year! Some of you may be surprised, but I have to say 7th grade was my favorite. :) I am going to be able to spend more time with Rambo, now that I don't have to worry about homework, or a big school project! Rambo has kept digging up his fence lately, and I have to cover up all the big holes he is digging while I am gone. And, you wouldn't believe how much water he can drink! I always came home from school to see that he had dumped his empty water bucket over. :) He is so silly! The mosquitoes don't just bother my family and I, but Rambo, too! He will be out eating up little seeds or something, and he will be scratching himself trying to get the mosquito off.


Please also wish Rambo a:

Happy 1st Birthday!

Rambo's birthday was on June 6th! We are planning on giving him a little cupcake to have for his first birthday. :) Pigs aren't allowed to eat sweets, but since it's Rambo's birthday, one little cupcake can't hurt him. I will have to get a picture of him with his birthday cupcake!


Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hello! My brother and I were going to go outside and toss a tennis ball to each other, when, I walked around the corner of my house, I saw these cute little chipmunks! I grabbed our camera and took a few snapshots. :) And a couple of Rambo, too! This is kind of my first try at photography, so please tell me what you thought!

I think this one may be my favorite. :)

I had more pictures of the chipmunks, but some of them were basically the same...but here are a couple pictures of Rambo!

There you go! I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Please tell me some positive things and some things I could improve on in my pictures! Well, it is time for me to feed Rambo! I will post some more tomorrow if I have time after school!



Today is kind of an ishy day. It is raining out, but Rambo still loves it! I was outside tossing a softball to my dad and brother, and Rambo was outside eating the bird seed even though little rain drops were falling on his back! He just shook himself off and kept eating! Rambo had a yummy snack of pineapple and lettuce! :) He was so excited to see I had a treat with me, then after he ate, we let him out and he went and snooped around a little. He has been digging up his fence lately, and I have to keep covering up the holes! There hasn't been a lot to do today. :( I have been inside the house for a little while because it is raining. It stinks. Rambo has been stuck inside the past few days too. No one wants to be walking around in the rain! But it is really funny, because when it is really warm out, Rambo will go and lay in the dirt because it is nice, and cool! :) Its pretty cute, we haven't been able to get a picture because he always moves before we can get a shot of him. Oh, well! I am sure I will get him one day! I will try and take a picture of him today and post it on his blog. :)