Monday, April 12, 2010

Rambo's swimming pool

Yesterday, my dad and I worked on Rambo's swimming pool. We wanted to make it so that he could step inside it, because the sides were a little to tall for his short, little legs. :) So my dad cut it down so that it would be easier for him. And I think it will work! Hopefully Rambo will use it more now this summer since he is bigger. We will also have to give him a bath in the pool too because he won't be able to fit in the laundry tub anymore! :) Well, I have to get off to bed now! I have school tomorrow!



ApachesPrincess said...

Fun! Lucky Rambo! Reminds me that I need to give Bailee a bath!

oboe.chick said...

:) We have to give Rambo a bath soon too!