Thursday, April 1, 2010

New changes to Rambo's house!

Hello! Well, my dad made some new changes to Rambo's house this afternoon! The reason I couldn't help him is because I was at a water park with some friends, which was pretty fun! What my dad did, was he took out the big blanket that blocked his eating and drinking area from his bedroom. The blanket was there so it could keep his bed area insulated during the winter, and it sure did help a lot! My dad also put Rambo's food and water dishes outside, so now, Rambo is able to eat outside! Only when it rains, does Rambo have to go inside to eat. :) My dad had him outside, and I went to see him for a little bit! I fed him some Cheerios and scratched his belly, and he had a good time! He is doing real well!


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