Sunday, April 11, 2010


Rambo has been having a lot of fun this spring! He is always rolling his busy ball around and wagging his long, black, tail. :) Rambo's brother Rosco was also taken to a new home! Rambo wagged his tail when I told him. Here is a picture of his brother:
Rambo's brother
This is Rambo's brother. He isn't this big anymore! He is probably about Rambo's size.
Rambo has been outside too! My dad has been saying we will have to cut him off from birdseed and cherries. He has been eating to much of that! We are also planning to shave down Rambo's toenails too. They are getting kind of long, but not very long. Otherwise, Rambo has been doing really well, and I will keep his blog updated! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been busy! :) Bye!

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