Saturday, March 13, 2010

The snow is finally thawing out!

I can't believe it when I look outside and the snow has already basically melted away! It seems only yesterday that the first flakes of snow started to fall! But in Rambo's case, it has been to long a winter for him, and he is ready to get his nose dirty and root up our grass! :) Today, Rambo got so excited that he could actually see dirt and grass that he started rooting up some of our yard! We had to keep filling up the holes where he had started to dig! We brought him over into our little area of pine trees, and he was digging up the pine needles and the dirt and having a good time! Always wagging that long tail of his! Rambo also got some carrot treats too! Boy, does he love carrots! Rambo has been doing real well, and once it gets warmer out, we are going to give him his long awaited bath!


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