Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rambo's excited!

Hello! I am very sorry about not posting for awhile! I have been very busy lately, and I will probably have more time now since it is spring break! :) Rambo has been getting very excited about being outside and running around again after the long winter! He has been snooping around eating anything that smells and looks yummy! He has been sprinting around a lot and his favorite thing to do is run a little ways, then lay down on his side! It is very cute. Just today, my brother walked up to Rambo and scratched his belly, Rambo hadn't even been standing for 5 seconds and he flopped over on his side. :) It was very cute! Rambo has been getting oranges and cheerios and all kinds of yummy treats, (not to mention that he has also been filling himself up with berries and bird seed.) Rambo has been doing very well and we are always waiting until the weather is nice and warm so that we can give him a bath! He is covered in straw.


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