Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rambo and his busy ball!

(This isn't a new picture, but this is the only one I had of Rambo and his busy ball.)

Rambo sure loves his Busy Ball! Any time we fill it with new food, he just starts rolling it around and eating all the food out of it! Whenever it gets down to the last few kernels of food, he will stand by his gate and squeak and squeal for more! So I go and refill it and the next day, what do you know! He ate all the kernels out of it again! Sometimes, we think Rambo stays up all night just to eat all the kernels out of his Busy Ball. (I hope he doesn't do that though!) I put some more food in his ball today! TWO times actually! That is how much he loves that toy! :) The ball does keep him really busy though! And I am glad he has one!


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