Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rambo and his busy ball!

(This isn't a new picture, but this is the only one I had of Rambo and his busy ball.)

Rambo sure loves his Busy Ball! Any time we fill it with new food, he just starts rolling it around and eating all the food out of it! Whenever it gets down to the last few kernels of food, he will stand by his gate and squeak and squeal for more! So I go and refill it and the next day, what do you know! He ate all the kernels out of it again! Sometimes, we think Rambo stays up all night just to eat all the kernels out of his Busy Ball. (I hope he doesn't do that though!) I put some more food in his ball today! TWO times actually! That is how much he loves that toy! :) The ball does keep him really busy though! And I am glad he has one!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rambo photos!

Here are some photos of Rambo I took when I was sitting in his house with him! Enjoy!

Here is a photo Rambo standing in his house!
Every time I open his house he always stands in this position, looking at me!

Rambo was tired, so he decided to lay down in his straw for a little while!

Rambo can never resist a good belly rub!

Rambo wishes I didn't have to leave!

My brother and I sat in Rambo's house for awhile! He was all nice and calm and lied there by my brother and I for awhile. :) He is such a good boy! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rambo's excited!

Hello! I am very sorry about not posting for awhile! I have been very busy lately, and I will probably have more time now since it is spring break! :) Rambo has been getting very excited about being outside and running around again after the long winter! He has been snooping around eating anything that smells and looks yummy! He has been sprinting around a lot and his favorite thing to do is run a little ways, then lay down on his side! It is very cute. Just today, my brother walked up to Rambo and scratched his belly, Rambo hadn't even been standing for 5 seconds and he flopped over on his side. :) It was very cute! Rambo has been getting oranges and cheerios and all kinds of yummy treats, (not to mention that he has also been filling himself up with berries and bird seed.) Rambo has been doing very well and we are always waiting until the weather is nice and warm so that we can give him a bath! He is covered in straw.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rambo News!

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted for a while! I have been busy! Rambo has been a very good boy lately! He hasn't gone to the bathroom in his house any more, and I am very glad about that! :) It is very funny, because now that Rambo can come outside and run around without the snow bothering him, instead of digging in the dirt, he trots over and stands underneath our tree and eats the birdseed that fell on the ground. :) It is pretty funny! It does keep him busy though. I went outside and fed Rambo this morning, I gave him some more water also. He sure does drink a lot of water! I bet when I was sitting in his house with him, he went to drink some more water about 5 times! :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Good day for Rambo!

Rambo was a great joy yesterday! He was running around at full speed in our yard yesterday and digging in the dirt and having a good time! At one point, Rambo started running, then he did one circle, then two circles, and when he was done with the second circle, he stopped and instantly laid down on the ground like he was exhausted! :) It was really cute! Rambo had a whole ton of carrots and he was outside for a good probably hour and a half, maybe even two hours! Rambo loves being outside now that he can finally dig in the dirt! We also took Rambo for a little walk! He did pretty good, but just has to get used to being on his leash again!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

The snow is finally thawing out!

I can't believe it when I look outside and the snow has already basically melted away! It seems only yesterday that the first flakes of snow started to fall! But in Rambo's case, it has been to long a winter for him, and he is ready to get his nose dirty and root up our grass! :) Today, Rambo got so excited that he could actually see dirt and grass that he started rooting up some of our yard! We had to keep filling up the holes where he had started to dig! We brought him over into our little area of pine trees, and he was digging up the pine needles and the dirt and having a good time! Always wagging that long tail of his! Rambo also got some carrot treats too! Boy, does he love carrots! Rambo has been doing real well, and once it gets warmer out, we are going to give him his long awaited bath!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rambo News!

I am so relieved! We finally gave Rambo his dewormer! The reason I have been kind of worried is because we have been learning about all those different worms animals can get, (which has been really gross!) And I wanted to make sure that he got his dewormer quickly so that he wouldn't get any worms. :) Anyway, Rambo has been doing really well! He has been getting bigger! My friend, Bella came over yesterday, and Bella and I gave Rambo some lettuce! He absolutely loved it! Rambo hasn't been going to the bathroom in his house lately, I am very happy about that! I have been constantly been keeping his corner clean so that he doesn't go in his house anymore! He has been coming outside a lot now since it has been getting warmer! He has been playing with his new busy ball a lot!