Friday, February 26, 2010

Rambo news!

Rambo is doing very well! I will be posting some new pictures of him soon! Rambo has been into the habit of going to the bathroom in his house again, but he has been doing a lot better because when I went out to feed him today, he was trotting back from his bathroom corner! I was so proud of him! I pet him and told him he was such a good boy! Rambo has loved his Busy ball ever since I gave it to him! He has been rolling it around his pen all the time! Rambo has also been getting a lot bigger! He is almost up to my knee cap! :) Rambo cannot wait until spring starts! I keep reminding him that in the spring, he will be able to dig around in the dirt, and eat dandilions (his favorite plant). Rambo is going to have to have his de-wormer medicine this month, so I will have to hurry up and get it to him before February is over!


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