Friday, January 15, 2010

Yesterday. . .

Yesterday, I went and sat with Rambo before we had to leave to go to my brother's swim-meet. He was so excited to see me! He was wagging his tail--like usual. I climbed rather clumsily through his little door, and when I got inside, it was pretty warm in there! I looked at the thermometer and saw, 60 degrees! That was way too warm for my little piggy, so I turned it down to 50 degrees, the perfect temperature for him! It is quite comfortable in that little house, it actually kind of feels like your sitting in your house, only, it's full of straw! Rambo loves the new straw we gave him, and he was still digging around in there! He even walked over me a few times! He is getting quite heavy, so I had to nudge him off of me. I had peeled a clemintine for him, and broke it into pieces. He was so excited to see I had brought him a yummy treat! He loves oranges! When he finished eating his orange, I scratched his neck, and all kinds of little pieces of straw were falling off of him! I was telling him that in the springtime, when it gets warmer out, we are going to give him a bath, and I bet him that his bath tub/pool was going to be filled with little pieces of straw! He just stood there, he didn't say anything really. He talked a little, but not a lot. He loves to talk though, when it is dinner time!! Rambo is such a funny little pig!


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