Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visiting Rambo

Today, I went out and visited Rambo before my Grandma and Grandpa came over. He was standing outside waiting for me. I climbed inside through his little door instead of the roof because we don't want to let all of his heat out in the winter. He was grunting a little, but not that much. When I climbed into his house, I had to rearrange a few of his items, because he had practically pushed them out the door! :) I climbed in the back of his house, and it was quite warm and cozy inside. It was 50 degrees in there, the perfect temperature. My dad said that Rambo found that coziest spot to lay in is by the heater, because, that is where it is warmest. When I climbed inside, Rambo pushed his way underneath his blanket door, and walked over by me. He lay down next to me and buried himself in the straw, butt facing out. Then, he decided it might be better if his head was facing out, so he turned around and lay down with his head facing towards me. He dug around in his straw and nibbled on some of it. Then, after a bit, he got up and dug around by the front of his house. I was talking to him the whole time, and he would wag his tail. It was so fun! Then, I heard my Grandma come and say, "Rambo." I peeked my head outside, and said "Hi!" I climbed out and shut Rambo's gate behind me. I was disappointed to have to leave, but I am sure Rambo had understood. If I have time tomorrow after school, I am definitely going to go and see him!


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