Friday, January 1, 2010

Rambo's Sweater

Hello! Sadly, Rambo's new sweater did not fit him again. His neck was still too big! He was a very good boy when we tried to put it on though! He just stood there and grunted a few times! My dad and I sat in his house with him for a bit! He was so funny! He would dig in his hay, and he went outside a few times to check if someone was out there! Its funny because when Rambo is outside, you always know where he is because he grunts all the time! He is a big talker! We also got Rambo some more water, he sure does drink a lot of it! Rambo has been staying really warm in his house! The temperature is 50 degrees, and I bet when he snuggles into the straw, it is even warmer! Today, Rambo also got a special New Year's treat! It was a mixture of some lettuce, carrots, and oranges! He sure ate that quickly!


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