Friday, January 1, 2010

Rambo's new sweater!

Happy New Year!!! Rambo got a New Year's meal yesterday! It was made up of his potbellied pig food, and mixed into his food was some--Oranges! Rambo loves oranges, he always eats them first. :) I had to pick up some more of Rambo's potbelly pig food, yesterday. He was almost out! So we picked that up, then we also got him a new sweater! It is a fleece sweater that attaches with Velcro. I can adjust the Velcro so that it fits Rambo. I will post a picture of him wearing it soon! Rambo has been a very good pig and is always wagging his tail! Hopefully, his sweater will keep him nice and warm and he can go on lots of walks!


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