Monday, January 18, 2010

Rambo's Corner

Rambo's corner is going to be a fun little part of Rambo's blog, where Rambo will "talk" about what he did yesterday:

Rambo: "Yesterday, I heard voices, so I pushed my way through my little door, and saw that, my gate was open! I walked outside. The ground was kind of cold on my pads, so I had to try and walk on my hooves. I know where food is--it's in that one place where the door shuts automatically. So, I trotted over to see if I could find a little snack, and. . . the door was closed! Dad must have known I was coming and shut the door, because he was outside! With a treat! Oranges! I munched those quickly! Caylee gave me some oranges, too. Caylee and Dad went and sat on the steps. I didn't want to go over there, so I snooped around for a bit. Here is what I did: I trotted along the driveway and sniffed. My nose got very chilly, so I trotted over to Caylee and Dad. Dad had some Cheerios. They were yummy. Dad went inside, so I went up the steps to follow him. He shut the door in my face! I was not too happy about that. He came back outside, and I tried to sneak inside, but Dad told me I couldn't go inside because I was "dirty!" What kind of an excuse for not letting me in is that? When I looked through the window, I saw a black face looking at me. It was my friend, Mia. I like that dog. Caylee said she was a, bug, I think it was. No, wait she is a pug! Anyway, I walked down the stairs, Caylee and Dad had more Cheerios for me. I ate them, of course. Well, I didn't really do much after that. I had a lot of fun coming outside! I have to go now! Caylee is coming to play with me! Bye!"

-oboe.chick and Rambo

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