Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rambo's 100th post!

Yay! Rambo's blog now has 100 posts! This is so exciting! Here is what Rambo has to say about it:

Rambo: "Grunt grunt squeal sniff sniff grunt!"

He says he is very happy about that! Today, it was a very nice day, so Rambo got to come outside! He loved it! He went snooping around a little bit. We fed him an orange, and some Cheerios-- they are his favorite snack! He tried to come in the house, but, he was kind of dirty, so he couldn't. :( I am going to post a picture of him on here soon! It's been awhile since I posted one. Rambo is doing very well! It's almost halfway through winter!! I bet he can't wait to come outside and root! Rambo would like to say something:

Rambo: "I am having a good time here. The oranges are yummy, and the Cheerios are good, too. I love getting my belly scratched. I think that dad scratches my belly better than Caylee (oboe.chick) does. (Please don't tell her that :)) I am glad that my blog is being looked at. It makes me so happy, I can't stop wagging my tail! Well, I guess I am going to go now. I think Caylee is coming out to feed me! Oink! Oink!"



Rose said...

Oh, my gosh! I can't believe it is your hundreth post already! Keep up the good work!


oboe.chick said...

Thank you!