Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lettuce and Oranges

Today, Rambo got a nice bowl of lettuce and oranges for a little treat this afternoon! I had to go and grab a pitcher of water to fill up his bowl, and when I got back, he was already finished! He was outside grunting away! He is the cutest little pig! I was watching a movie with my family called College Road Trip and this little boy had a little piggy that reminded me of Rambo! Here is the pig's picture:
He just reminded me of Rambo! The way he acted just reminded me of Rambo! He kind of looks like Rambo too! Rambo is doing very well, my dad picked him up when he was outside, and dad said he was shivering! So, I gave him a big huge hug, and I pet him to try and warm him up. Then, me and my dad told him he should go inside so he wouldn't get cold. But, he is doing very well! He doesn't seem very bothered by the cold weather! I love that little guy!