Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Boy!

I am so happy! Rambo has stopped going to the bathroom in his house now! It really helped when we put those hay bales in there! I just went out there about two minutes ago to: feed him, give him more water, and pick up in his bathroom corner. Our neighbors have asked us to give them some of Rambo's manure for fertilizer. Two buckets full! While I was in Rambo's house, he was preparing a little bed for himself, it was pretty cute! He would dig around in the straw with his nose for a little bit, then he would dig inside his straw with his hoof and settle down in his straw! It was so cute! We also gave Rambo some oranges in with his potbelly pig food also! He always loves a good treat! He is definitely getting bigger!


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ApachesPrincess said...

Hi Caylee!

Thats greath that he stopped going ot the bathroom in his house!!

oboe.chick said...

Yeah! I am so glad!