Saturday, January 23, 2010

A cold icy day

Today, I went outside and visited Rambo. I called him, and he came out of his house grunting with happiness. I went inside his pen and fed him some Cheerios. He loved that! He was wagging his tail the whole time! I also shoveled out his bathroom corner. I have to do that about every three days. I also gave Rambo some more water too. I filled it up right to the top! We have these old bowling balls that we don't use, and I told my dad we should let Rambo have one so he can roll it around. My dad thought that was a good idea. When my dad got back with the bowling ball, Rambo started to roll it around! I was so happy that he enjoyed it! It is really icy at my house, I had Rambo out of his pen, and he was slipping on his hooves. :( Poor little guy. We brought Rambo back to his pen to go inside so that he could dry off, because there was water dripping off of every tree, and it was dripping on him. Rambo gave his bowling ball one last nudge, then he went inside. :)


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