Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chilly Nights

Hello! I was so excited, because yesterday, I went to my friend Taylor's birthday party! It was so much fun! We did a spa type thing, we did our nails, and soaked our feet, and did masks. It was so fun! We got lots of pictures taken! I was so happy to see Rambo when I got home! My dad and I had to go and get some new straw for him. His old stuff was getting kind of damp, and we didn't want him to get cold. So, we had to scoop out all of his old straw out and put it in garbage bags, then we put in lots of new fresh straw. Rambo loved it! He started burrowing under the straw and chewing on little bits of it. He chews on the straw so much, that he broke down the straw into small pieces! :) He is a funny pig. My dad and I sat in his house with him for a bit while he dug around in his straw. It was pretty funny. After his house warmed up to 50 degrees, we got out and gave Rambo some more water. Then, he was set until it was time for supper!