Thursday, January 7, 2010


It is supposed to be really cold tonight! I know that Rambo will be fine though! He has everything he needs to stay nice and cozy on these cold winter days! He has a heater, and all kinds of straw and blankets that will keep him warm! One of his favorite things to do in his past time is to munch on some straw for awhile! It keeps him occupied, and it is a good snack! Today, I had to walk out to feed Rambo, and it was pretty chilly! I bet when Rambo is finished eating, he goes right into the back of his house and curls up in his straw! Rambo is pretty cute when he gets all snuggled up in his hay! Its funny because, you can't even see him, he is so buried in straw. He is a good pig! I love him so much!


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