Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Rambo and I would like to wish everyone a:

Happy New Year!

-oboe.chick and Rambo

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fresh straw for Rambo

When my dad and I visited Rambo, we noticed that his straw was a little damp. Thats not good because Rambo could get sick from laying in wet straw, so today my dad went and picked up some new straw for him. While we were waiting for our dad to come with the new straw, my brother and I cleaned out Rambo's house and put all the old stuff into some garbage bags. Once my dad came home, we took armfuls of straw and then put them in his house. We fluffed it all up in there for him, and now he is so happy!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Buried in straw...

I went and sat with Rambo this morning, so, when I unlatched his gate, I didn't see him come out of his doorflap like he usually does, so I went in his house. I said his name when I got in his house, and all I heard was a faint grunt coming from inside a giant pile of straw. I soon figured out that Rambo was completely buried in his straw! I thought it was really funny. I uncovered his face and I pet him. He just lyed there sleeping. I stayed there for about an hour maybe, but then my mom called me in for lunch. I have to end this post kind of short because I have to go eat supper.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's almost Christmas!

I am so excited because it is almost Christmas! I can finally rip open the presents that are sitting under our brightly lit Christmas tree! Rambo is pretty excited too, I wonder what will be in his stocking this year...It will be quite a surprise! A new Christmas present I thought of for Rambo is a big bowl of fruits and vegetables. I know it may not sound like a big Christmas present to some, but to Rambo, he will be SO excited! I haven't been able to get a picture of Rambo's house yet for his

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I can't believe that in 8 days it will be 2011!


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Visiting Rambo

Sorry for not typing for so long! I have been really busy lately! I visited Rambo today and he is doing really well. We put clean straw in his house, so he was munching away at it! He doesn't really get to go outside much anymore because it is too cold out for him. I was kind of bummed because we are not able to get Rambo a sweater for Christmas. The website we were going to buy it from had this weird order form on their site, and so my mom tried to call and ask them about shipping costs and stuff and they never called back. So now I have to think of a whole new Christmas present idea! Does anyone have an idea about Christmas presents for a pig? Because I am sure stumped right now!

I was really happy because my dad got Rambo's Christmas lights hooked up again on his house this year! These lights are more colorful than the ones he had last year. They look really neat on his house. I will have to take a picture and post it on his blog.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rambo's Christmas present idea!

Hello! I can't believe it almost Decemeber, only a couple more days! We already have our Christmas decorations up in our house! We just have to put up our tree. I have a Christmas idea for Rambo, I was thinking that I would get him a sweater to wear outside in the winter time. I tried to get him a sweater last year. I thought a dog sweater would work for him, but he was a little to big for them. So I was thinking of this potbelly pig sweater that we found online:

I think this would fit him pretty well. We would just have to measure him up and see if it would work.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's getting colder!

It is getting colder outside now! We had to plug in Rambo's heated water dish so that his water won't freeze. He has been doing well in the cold weather, he likes to lay in his house with his nice warm straw. My dad and I have gone and sat with him, he loves having company! I want to try and get him outside because my brother and I don't have school on Thursday or Friday, so that would be a good time to try and get him outside to stretch his legs. I had to update how much food he is getting a day now. He weighs about 60 pounds now, and I looked in my brochure for his food, and it says he should be getting 1 2/3 cup of food now. I can't believe it! That's a lot!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hunting Weekend

Hello! I went hunting this weekend. Unfortunately, Rambo couldn't come with on this one because he is getting too big to be able to lift out the door. :) Our neighbor was very kind and he took care of Rambo for us while we were gone. It sounds like our neighbor spoiled Rambo a little bit with some apples and carrots. I bet he loved that a lot!

I was very excited this hunting weekend because I went rifle hunting and managed to shoot a big 7 point buck! I was really excited because this was the very first deer that I ever shot. Rambo was very happy for me, he was wagging his tail! :)


Monday, October 25, 2010

Gloomy day

Today is kind of gloomy today. It has been cloudy and raining all day, so Rambo has been cooped up in his house all day. Poor little guy! I hope the weather gets better soon so that he can go outside and stretch his legs.

We had a garage sale over MEA weekend, and I also had oral surgery. :( I had to get four wisdom teeth taken out! Rambo came and saw me in my bedroom when I got home from the surgery. I fed him a couple Cheerios. :) Rambo went and visited the garage sale also and my dad said Rambo got some of the pants dirty with his nose. I thought that was kind of funny!


Saturday, October 16, 2010


Rambo has been doing really well. It has been getting colder out though, so he has been spending more time in his house. My dad, brother, and I went and sat with him in his house this evening and he was really happy to see us. We fed him an orange and some Cheerios which he really enjoyed. Rambo's hooves have been getting longer, and we are going to have to shave them down a little bit, too.

I will try to update Rambo's blog again as soon as I can! I only have two more swim meets left until the season is over, and then I will hopefully be able to update more!

We went and saw the movie: Secretariat, and it was really good! I would recommend it. :)


Friday, October 1, 2010

Rambo is doing great!

Rambo is doing really well. The weather is starting to change from summer to fall, but it doesn't affect Rambo at all. His winter coat is starting to come back, and my dad picked up some alfalfa to put in his house. We put some in there a couple days ago, and Rambo went in there and munched on it for awhile. :) I will be posting some pictures of Rambo soon!

I also wanted to post on something I was super excited about today! We had a school project in my Computer class where we had to write a letter to a celebrity. I chose to write to Freddie Highmore who has been in the movies: Finding Neverland, August Rush, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many others, and I got a reply back! I was so excited!


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rambo got out of his pen again!

I got so worried because yesterday, my brother went out to get the mail and he saw big piles of dug up dirt in our yard. He went and checked in Rambo's house and he wasn't there! I went out and we called for him and he just wouldn't come! So, my mom and I hopped in the car and we drove down the road and looked in the trees, and when we got two houses down from ours, we saw Rambo, standing by a swampy area, grazing. I was so happy we found him! So I ran over there and called him, and he came trotting over, and my mom and I walked with him back to our house while my brother got into the Jeep and drove it back to the house. Finally, I got Rambo back into his pen, and I found the hole where he had dug himself out. I put a few bricks in front of it, and my brother and I put a stake in the ground and attached it to his fence with some wire ties, to make sure he wouldn't be able to get out again. I hope it works!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Digging in the garden

Today, I let Rambo out while my dad and I pulled up the garden so that it is ready for winter. Rambo came and he stood in the garden and dug around in the dirt as we worked. He was pretty funny. We plugged in his heater yesterday because it is getting cold out, and he was starting to shiver when it was nighttime. My dad put a nice puffy quilt in his house for him to use. I think he really likes it. We are not sure if he will be able to come with us when we go hunting this year. We will have to see, but I think it would be nice if he stayed home, because I wouldn't have to worry about him while I was hunting. And Rambo did very good when the neighbors took care of him when we went on vacation, so I think that I might decide to have him stay home this time.

I am probably going to go and sit with him tonight in his house with my dad. That has always been fun when we went to sit with him. :)


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting cooler out

As it is getting cooler out, Rambo has been spending a little more time in his house. He has been out today though, I filled up his busy ball and he has been pushing that around for awhile. He has been doing real well. His hair is starting to grow back, which is good, because fall is coming soon. We will also have to turn his heater back on when it gets really cold! Rambo has been eating a ton of the apples that have fallen out of our apple tree. He can't eat to many though, because otherwise, his stomach gets really hard and he gets a stomach ache. He probably doesn't feel to good when that happens.

I am going to be starting school on Tuesday, so I might not be able to update very much. But I will try hard to update Rambo's blog often!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cleaning up Rambo's pen

I cleaned up Rambo's pen today. I opened up his house so it could air out, then I cleaned off his toys. I got rid of a couple of the toys he didn't play with, too. I also raked his house and made all the dirt nice and even instead of it being lumpy messy. I also gave him fresh water, cleaned up his bathroom corner, and filled up his busy ball for him to play with. He is really happy I cleaned it up!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


We have an apple tree outside my house. The tree produces a lot of apples every year, although, most of them fall on the ground and become rotten. Rambo finds good use for the apples though! Everytime he comes out of his pen, he trots over to the apple tree, and eats the apples that have fallen on the ground. Yesterday, my dad and I were outside, and there were so many apples on the ground, I had to go and find a box to put them in so that Rambo wouldn't eat them all! I will probably go outside today and give him one. I am sure he will love that!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

A windy day

Rambo had a very fun day today! I had put feed in his busy ball for him to roll around, but soon, he had pushed it into his water bucket. So, I had to dump out the water, refill it, and set his busy ball outside his pen so all the water could come out. After that, I let him outside, and he went and ate, of course! I also washed up some lettuce for him, and fed that to him. He really enjoyed that! :) After that, I fed him, and then after we ate our supper, my dad, brother, and I went and let him out again. He had a lot of fun! My dad was sitting with Rambo, and he realized that soon, we would have to re-size Rambo's door because his back is starting to scrape against the top of the door frame!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rambo was busy!

Hello! Sorry I couldn't post for awhile! We had a storm a few days ago, and it knocked out our internet. Rambo has been doing really well! He got through all the storms pretty well. It was humid Monday through Friday, and luckily the humidity has finally left! I think Rambo was happy it had left too! I could barely be outside for a long time because it was so hot out! We had friends of ours come over last night for dinner, and they got to see Rambo for the first time! Our friends own a photography business in our town, and we want them to see if they can take pictures of Rambo! If we get them done, I will have to post the pictures! I will post more about Rambo soon!


Sunday, August 8, 2010

A warm day

It is has been very humid these last few days! Today it is really warm, so I went and opened up Rambo's house for him so that he can get some fresh air into his house. I also brought him an orange for a little snack. He hasn't had oranges for awhile so I decided that he might like to have something different instead of watermelon and lettuce all the time for a snack. Rambo has been very good, it is a good thing he shed his winter coat because otherwise he would be roasting underneath all that hair! I am going to take the hose today and spray him with some water so that he can cool down.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hot and Humid

It is very humid where I live. Rambo doesn't want to be in his house on humid days because it gets so warm inside it. So, on warm days like this, I have to go and open up his house which I am going to do in a couple of minutes. :) Usually on hot days, Rambo likes to go and lay in the dirt, so that's probably what I will be seeing him doing all day today! He has been a very good boy, and yesterday he got a yummy treat of watermelon and celery which he really enjoyed! Well, I had better go and open up Rambo's house!


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rambo News!

Rambo has been doing really well! He came outside today and went and ate some bird seed like he always does. He has lost most of his hair, but he has a coat of little hairs underneath where his winter coat was! :) It is really cute because he feels really soft! I will have to go and give him his supper in a few minutes so I can't type much longer! We went and got Rambo another bag of Cheerios, because his other bag ran out! He eats so many of those Cheerios! Well, I have to go and feed Rambo now!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rambo got through another storm!

We had another storm last night, and after the storm, I went and checked on Rambo and he was all snuggled up in his straw. He wasn't even bothered by the rain at all! I was very proud of him. He had a couple branches that had fallen in his pen, but other than that, everything was the same! It had been raining really hard and windy. Rambo got a bowl of Gatorade for a yummy treat!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

4-H Results

I am happy to announce that I got blue ribbons on everything I entered! I get blue ribbons on my photography and in the pet show! :) Rambo did very well at the pet show, he had to wait quite a while because we didn't know we had to fill in a time slot and had to wait for about two hours to be interviewed by the judge. Rambo was kind of antsy, but he did really well in the pet show. He wore his new blue harness and a navy blue bandanna we borrowed from my mom. Here are some pictures.

Rambo had quite a fun time at the pet show, he even met a new friend! (Check out the picture below!)

Rambo met this five month old cat at the pet show! The cat wasn't afraid of Rambo at all!
These are the 4 ribbons that I won! I am really proud to have won all of them!


Pet Show

Today, Rambo is going to be in a pet show! I am in 4-H and we entered Rambo into it. A few minutes ago, we gave Rambo a bath. We also got him a new blue color, which he will be wearing in the show. My dad will be getting pictures for me, and I will post how we did after the pet show!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rambo's fun day

Rambo had a fun day today. He was outside a lot today! He was eating dandilions and other numerous plants! We gave him tons of Cheerios, of course. :) We were working with Rambo and he has learned how to do his sitting trick, and his circle trick without us having to do the hand movements. Like with his sitting trick, we tell him "Sit," and he sits down without us having to hold the Cheerio in the air to get him to sit. Also, with his circle trick, we tell him to do a "Circle," and he will turn in a circle without us having to move the Cheerio in a circle in front of him. I am really proud of him for learning how to do that! Rambo also got a yummy treat after dinner which was, some watermelon and cantelope. He has never tried cantelope, and he really enjoyed it! We poured his watermelon in his food dish and he gobbled that up so fast! Watermelon is his favorite! Last night, we had a bad storm at our house. It was really windy and raining and all that, and when we went to check on Rambo after the storm, he was all curled up in his straw! I don't think he was scared at all by the storm. He was running around a lot today too, my dad was bringing him back from digging in the woods, and Rambo came running through the weeds. :) It was really cute!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Rambo's Day

Rambo had a lot of fun outside today. Although, he was being kind of naughty because he was rooting in our yard, and he is not supposed to do that. So I had to tell him "No!". He fussed a little bit about that. Rambo also ate the little apples that fell from our apple tree, although I think they are a bit sour for him! My mom came out and fed him some celery, he liked it a lot!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rambo home alone!

From Friday until Wednesday, Rambo stayed home all by himself while my family and I went on a vacation. We asked our neighbors if they would take care of him while we were gone, and they said, Yes! So, we left on Friday, I was really sad to watch him disappear as we drove up our driveway! :( But, I was so happy to get home on Wednesday to find him all happy and excited that we were home! Our neighbors had taken very good care of him, I was really happy to see that they had done all the things we asked them to do for Rambo! I had a really good time on vacation too!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Rambo on the Fourth of July!

Rambo came up to the campground with us, and he was a big hit again! We went to the same campground that we went to last year, and everyone always wanted to see the potbelly pig. :) When we first got there, my dad was getting the camper parked into our spot, and a guy riding on the back of a golf cart shouted: "Those people have a pig!" I said to Rambo, "Wow, Rambo, your famous already!" Here are a few snapshots of Rambo at the lake:

We got Rambo a brand new Busy Ball for up at the campground. He loved it!

Rambo would get so warm up at the campground, that he would put his front hooves in the water, and tip it over so that water would spill all over and he would roll in it. It was pretty funny. :)

Rambo had to take a few naps during the day because he would get tired and cranky.

Rambo loved going up to the lake to cool off! Here is Rambo eating some Cheerios while standing in lake water.

Rambo loved to eat little roots and weeds at the lake.

Rambo wanted to come in the camper one morning, but we wouldn't let him come in because he had to go to the bathroom before he came inside. So, he got mad and tipped over the garbage can.

Rambo got to be in our campground's Fourth of July parade. He got to where a bandana and a little star headband.

Here goes Rambo to be in the parade!

Sorry, but I wasn't able to get any pictures of Rambo actually in the parade because I was with him. But it was a whole lot of fun! When we would go by people would yell: "Look! It's the pig!" or "Look at the pig!" It was really fun. Rambo was kind of shy, so he hid his nose under my arm. :)

Then, after a long and exhausting day, Rambo would fall asleep on my bed!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Rambo went to the vet/Bath time

We took Rambo to the vet and he did very well. He was very patient with the vet and didn't get mad once. Although, he didn't really like it when the vet was feeling his stomach, he got kind of grumpy. We thought that he had a bladder infection, which is common in male pigs, but it turns out he had a respiratory problem. So the vet gave us some pills for him to take. The vet's assistant tried different things to get him to take the pills. She took some pill hiders, they were for dogs, but I guess potbellies could eat them too, she put little pieces of the pill inside it and gave it to him. Rambo figured out there was something wrong with the taste of his little treat, so he started to drool...a lot. It was not a pretty sight. My mom was getting a little grossed out. The assistant tried to give him something so that he wouldn't think about the taste in his mouth...but he still drooled. Finally, he stopped! So, we took the pills home, and yesterday we gave Rambo his pills. We broke them into quarter sized pieces and hid them in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We gave him little sections of the sandwich, and he ate all of them except for the last piece! He found the pills inside the sandwich and started to drool them out...luckily it was on our driveway, so all we had to do was wash it away with the hose! Anyway, here is a picture of Rambo at the vet! He was a very good patient!

Here is patient Rambo at the vet!

We were only able to get one picture of him, but after he came home, he was feeling so much better! Then yesterday, I cleaned up Rambo's pool, and I got it all set up for bath time! Here are some pictures:

My dad cleaning Rambo's ears.

Look how clean he is!!

Mia is our pug with one eye. At her old home, a boxer got into a fight with her, and her eye was hurt, and they had to take it out. She decided to come and watch us give Rambo a bath!

Time to dry off Rambo!

All clean!


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rambo is sick

Well, Rambo is sick again. I opened up his roof, and he wouldn't get up. I don't think it is constipation this time either, because he isn't eating or drinking anything either. We are probably going to have to bring him to the vet tomorrow if he isn't better. I am really worried about him. I called his old owner and asked her if she knew anything that could be wrong. Right now, I am waiting for her to call back because she said that she would call a friend of hers and see if she could figure anything out. Well, I guess I had better go! I will keep you posted on how he is doing.


UPDATE: Rambo still isn't any better, so we are going to call the vet and set up an appointment for him. :(

Sunday, June 27, 2010


This afternoon, I went and saw Rambo. When I was there, he wouldn't get up or anything. He just lied there. I felt his belly, and we think he has constipation again. His belly feels bloated. So, my dad went and bought some prune juice, and we gave that to him. He seemed to feel a little better because he was wagging his tail. :) I hope he will feel better soon, because he is supposed to come camping with us for Fourth of July! I will keep you updated on how he is doing!


UPDATE: Rambo is doing a lot better! We had him outside, and he was trotting around the yard and eating Cheerios. He hasn't gone to the bathroom yet though...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rambo's going to be in the County Fair!

I just figured out today that Rambo is going to be in the pet show at my county fair! I am pretty excited...although I am not really sure what I am supposed to do. :) I am sure he will do fine though. I will have to make sure he doesn't cause any trouble though! :) It has been a rainy day where I am. No warm weather really, just a bunch of clouds. Rambo has probably been hanging out in his house all day, he doesn't even want to be outside in the rainy weather! Well, when he is in the Pet show, I am going to have to get some pictures and post them!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rambo eats a Fruit Bar!

My mom came into the house and suggested that Rambo should have a fruit bar. I wasn't so sure because it seemed like it might be something he shouldn't be eating, but I decided it was probably okay. So I walked outside, fruit bar in hand, and gave it to Rambo. He loved it! He took a bite out of it and thought it was so good! He ate it like a normal human would. He didn't bite into the stick or anything. I let him lick the rest of the fruit bar off of the little stick and he licked it off! I thought he wouldn't lick it, but he did! I was so proud of him for eating it! I should have gotten a picture...oh well, I am sure he can always have another one in a few days. :)


A hot day

It sure is hot and humid where I am! Rambo is so warm that he will lay in the dirt because it feels nice and cool to him. He looks so cute though! I am letting his house air out so that will cool out in there, so hopefully that will help. :) I gave him more water and filled up his Busy Ball so that he will spend some time outside, and when I get home, I will let him out so he can enjoy the weather. I have seen that he has been wading in his pool, there are little hoofprints inside it! :) He has never gone in his pool without having us put Cheerios in there, so I am pretty proud of him for doing that!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am back from camp!

Well, I am back from my Bible camp! It was so much fun, but I am glad to be back with my family too. Rambo was so happy to see I was back! He was wagging his tail with happiness when I said hello to him from the car window. Here are a few pictures we took of him:

I thought this picture was really cute!

Here is Rambo waiting for us to give him a Cheerio!

Rambo is eating some bird seed in this photo.

We just noticed today that Rambo has started to shed his winter coat, he must know summer is here! Here is a picture of a few of his hairs...He has lost a lot of them.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

I am going to camp

I am going to camp for a whole week! So, I won't be able to update Rambo's blog until either Friday or Saturday. I will get a picture of Rambo eating his birthday treat and post it when I get back!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Another rainy day

*Sigh* It is another rainy day. It has been raining since about 2 AM and the only time I went outside was to feed Rambo. Rambo didn't want to eat in the rain, so I put his food in his house for him to eat. He has been really good, although he had to have a time out because he was digging up our yard, and he is not supposed to. He doesn't really care that he is having a time out because he gets to have Cheerios put in his dish to eat. Rambo was wagging his tail the whole time! I will probably go and see him today once the rain is done with. I am really excited also, because I am going to camp! I am going to miss Rambo, though. :( But I think camp will be really fun and I am going with my friend, Taylor. I just hope it won't rain every single day we are there though!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer is finally here!

I am so excited! School is finally over for me, and Summer vacation is here! I will be in the 8th grade next year! Some of you may be surprised, but I have to say 7th grade was my favorite. :) I am going to be able to spend more time with Rambo, now that I don't have to worry about homework, or a big school project! Rambo has kept digging up his fence lately, and I have to cover up all the big holes he is digging while I am gone. And, you wouldn't believe how much water he can drink! I always came home from school to see that he had dumped his empty water bucket over. :) He is so silly! The mosquitoes don't just bother my family and I, but Rambo, too! He will be out eating up little seeds or something, and he will be scratching himself trying to get the mosquito off.


Please also wish Rambo a:

Happy 1st Birthday!

Rambo's birthday was on June 6th! We are planning on giving him a little cupcake to have for his first birthday. :) Pigs aren't allowed to eat sweets, but since it's Rambo's birthday, one little cupcake can't hurt him. I will have to get a picture of him with his birthday cupcake!


Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hello! My brother and I were going to go outside and toss a tennis ball to each other, when, I walked around the corner of my house, I saw these cute little chipmunks! I grabbed our camera and took a few snapshots. :) And a couple of Rambo, too! This is kind of my first try at photography, so please tell me what you thought!

I think this one may be my favorite. :)

I had more pictures of the chipmunks, but some of them were basically the same...but here are a couple pictures of Rambo!

There you go! I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Please tell me some positive things and some things I could improve on in my pictures! Well, it is time for me to feed Rambo! I will post some more tomorrow if I have time after school!



Today is kind of an ishy day. It is raining out, but Rambo still loves it! I was outside tossing a softball to my dad and brother, and Rambo was outside eating the bird seed even though little rain drops were falling on his back! He just shook himself off and kept eating! Rambo had a yummy snack of pineapple and lettuce! :) He was so excited to see I had a treat with me, then after he ate, we let him out and he went and snooped around a little. He has been digging up his fence lately, and I have to keep covering up the holes! There hasn't been a lot to do today. :( I have been inside the house for a little while because it is raining. It stinks. Rambo has been stuck inside the past few days too. No one wants to be walking around in the rain! But it is really funny, because when it is really warm out, Rambo will go and lay in the dirt because it is nice, and cool! :) Its pretty cute, we haven't been able to get a picture because he always moves before we can get a shot of him. Oh, well! I am sure I will get him one day! I will try and take a picture of him today and post it on his blog. :)


Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day!
It's Memorial Day! The day where we remember those who have served! Thank you to all who have served for our country! Rambo has been enjoying his Memorial Day! We have seen him laying in the sun enjoying himself. We tried to take a picture, but he always moved before we were able to get a shot of him. He has been outside for awhile, and we just put him back in his pen where he is pushing his busy ball around. I don't have any school today, and I only have a few more days of school left! Only 7 more days, counting today! I can get outside a lot more to see Rambo! My dad, brother, and I went for a 4 mile bike ride, that was pretty fun. After we got back from riding our bikes, we let Rambo outside and he got to wander around. :)


Thursday, May 27, 2010

What a warm day!

It has been really nice outside where I live. Not only has my family been outside enjoying the weather, but so has Rambo! He likes walk around outside, push his busy ball around, and dig in the dirt. I am not sure if he has been in his pool yet. I hope you enjoyed his little video! I thought it was a good idea to put it on his blog! It was really funny to watch the pugs eat with him! Rambo also likes to run and jump and play around when he comes out to walk around! My dad said that he was running in circles around him one day. :) I will keep you updated on how he is doing! Have a good day!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Rambo video clip!

Here is a video clip of the pugs enjoying some Cheerios with Rambo! Enjoy!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Rambo's great escape!

On Wednesday, after we had come home, we drove down our driveway and stopped by Rambo's house to check on him. We looked out in our woods, and what do we see? Rambo! Standing in the woods digging! He stood there wagging his tail and digging, he didn't even care we were there! My brother and I jumped out of the car and told him to go back to his pen. He trotted in there, and we looked for the hole in the fence he got out of. We found it. Rambo dug some of the fence out of the ground and squeezed through it! My dad was mad, because he had dug up some of our yard. Then, he had walked over to our woods and started digging that up too! There are all kinds of holes there now. :) Silly pig! Me and my dad had to go to Menards and pick up some more posts for the fencing around his house, and put those in the ground. It made the fence tighter, so hopefully he shouldn't be able to get out now! I will post some pictures soon!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Rambo is all better!

Well, Rambo's skin condition "Dippity Pig" is all cleared up now. :) I am so glad! All that's basically left are little scabs! He was so happy when he came out of his pen, he didn't have anymore pain, and he was running around the yard, all happy! We gave him oranges and Cheerios and Rambo was digging in the dirt as always. :) When it was time for him to go back in his pen, my dad and I called for him to follow us, but he so busy rooting in the dirt looking for roots, he wouldn't listen to us. He just stood there ignoring us, wagging his tail. Finally, my dad gave him a little nudge, and he walked over to his pen and walked inside. I went in the house, and dad told me that he had given Rambo a big plate of roots to eat! I looked outside and saw him gobbling them up! It was so funny!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rambo has "Dippity Pig"

We have figured out that Rambo has a skin condition called, "Dippity Pig." I was reading in: The Complete Guide for the Care and Training of Pet Potbellied Pigs, and it said:

""Dippity Pig" is the name that has been given to a commonly occurring skin condition in pet potbellied pigs. A symptom of oozing sores, that may or may not be bloody, appear on the pig's back, neck or rump at the level of the spinal cord. This may be accompanied by severe pain that causes the pig to scream. In addition, your pig may or may not have trouble walking with its back legs. Often it drops its back end, drags its back legs and may even appear paralyzed before standing, taking a few steps and falling again."

-The Complete Guide of the Care and Training of Pet Potbellied Pigs

That is exactly what Rambo has, although he didn't really scream, he just squealed a little. We were so relieved to figure out what he had! It said to give him some Benadryl. So we gave him some, but he kept spitting out the tablet. So, we wrapped it up in some bread with peanut butter on it, and he ate that right away! I felt so for bad him! I hope Rambo feels better soon!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poor Rambo!

I am very worried! Today, I went out to see Rambo and he came out of his house, sagged onto his haunches and started squealing! I wasn't really sure what to think, just thinking it was a one time thing, but then he did the same thing again! And he had been doing that for awhile, and I thought he sprained his leg or something. But his leg didn't seem like there was anything wrong with it, but then, I was looking at his back and feeling along his back, and he flinched. I moved some of his hair and saw he was bleeding! I looked in my potbellied pig book and saw that it said that if my pig was bleeding I should put some pressure on the bleeding area. So I will try that! I hope it works!

It's really strange because, unfortunately at school today, I was getting my stuff out of my backpack in the morning, and a kid my locker area pushed another boy into my locker door, and it hit me really hard in the forehead! And that hurt really bad! And now, Rambo's back is bleeding! I am going to try what my book said. So I will give an update later!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

When we got home,

Hello! It was pretty funny when we got home today, because we stopped by Rambo's house to see how he was doing, and he dug TONS of holes in his pen, then he dented his little wading pool. :) It was pretty funny when I went out there and he had dirt all over his face! I asked him what he had been up to, and of course, all he did was wag his tail. :) I love that little guy!

I let him outside today, and he ran over to our tree and ate all the bird seed that had fallen underneath, and then he trotted over to the other side of our house and ate some cherries over there. I was telling my dad we would have to cut him off from eating all of that because we scratched his belly after he had eaten all kinds of cherries and bird seed and his belly was hard as a rock! Poor Rambo! I was so relieved to go into his pen to feed him the next morning and see that his belly was normal again!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rambo's Pool

Yay! We finally put Rambo's pool in his pen! My dad filled it with water and we let the water warm up so that it wasn't really cold. After awhile, we brought Rambo into his pen so he could try out his pool. Well...first he drank some water out of it, then he stepped inside and went to the bathroom in his pool! It was pretty funny though. :) So, Rambo stepped out of his pool and we scooped out his pool. I went to check on him once he had gone back in his pen. He went into his pool while me and my brother were kicking around a soccer ball, and he went to the bathroom again!! So I had to scoop all that out too. :) I hope he doesn't get into the habit of turning his pool into his bathroom spot! I will try and get a picture of him in his pool soon, and post it!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Rambo's swimming pool

Yesterday, my dad and I worked on Rambo's swimming pool. We wanted to make it so that he could step inside it, because the sides were a little to tall for his short, little legs. :) So my dad cut it down so that it would be easier for him. And I think it will work! Hopefully Rambo will use it more now this summer since he is bigger. We will also have to give him a bath in the pool too because he won't be able to fit in the laundry tub anymore! :) Well, I have to get off to bed now! I have school tomorrow!


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Rambo has been having a lot of fun this spring! He is always rolling his busy ball around and wagging his long, black, tail. :) Rambo's brother Rosco was also taken to a new home! Rambo wagged his tail when I told him. Here is a picture of his brother:
Rambo's brother
This is Rambo's brother. He isn't this big anymore! He is probably about Rambo's size.
Rambo has been outside too! My dad has been saying we will have to cut him off from birdseed and cherries. He has been eating to much of that! We are also planning to shave down Rambo's toenails too. They are getting kind of long, but not very long. Otherwise, Rambo has been doing really well, and I will keep his blog updated! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, I have been busy! :) Bye!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rambo's Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Rambo also wishes a Happy Easter too! He had a lot of fun today! He got to come outside and eat birdseed, and got to roll his Busy Ball around the yard! Nothing much else happened, my grandparents and my great-grandma came over and we had Easter dinner. My great-grandma had never seen Rambo before and she thought he was pretty neat.


Friday, April 2, 2010


Today was kind of a yucky day. My mom, brother, and I went to my mom's work and after awhile, we got ready to leave and it started to rain out. We got in the car, and once we started driving, it was really rainy and yucky! It wasn't very fun! And Rambo couldn't come outside, because when we got home, it was like a total downpour. :( So Rambo had to stay in his house for awhile until the rain stopped. Then, we went out and saw him, and I gave him food and my brother gave him some lettuce! :) Then he was happy! Rambo is out right now, he has been eating, birdseed and cherries from our trees outside, not to mention some Cheerios too! Rambo loves eating outside now! He is always wagging his tail when he is eating, and it is really cute!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

New changes to Rambo's house!

Hello! Well, my dad made some new changes to Rambo's house this afternoon! The reason I couldn't help him is because I was at a water park with some friends, which was pretty fun! What my dad did, was he took out the big blanket that blocked his eating and drinking area from his bedroom. The blanket was there so it could keep his bed area insulated during the winter, and it sure did help a lot! My dad also put Rambo's food and water dishes outside, so now, Rambo is able to eat outside! Only when it rains, does Rambo have to go inside to eat. :) My dad had him outside, and I went to see him for a little bit! I fed him some Cheerios and scratched his belly, and he had a good time! He is doing real well!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rambo and his busy ball!

(This isn't a new picture, but this is the only one I had of Rambo and his busy ball.)

Rambo sure loves his Busy Ball! Any time we fill it with new food, he just starts rolling it around and eating all the food out of it! Whenever it gets down to the last few kernels of food, he will stand by his gate and squeak and squeal for more! So I go and refill it and the next day, what do you know! He ate all the kernels out of it again! Sometimes, we think Rambo stays up all night just to eat all the kernels out of his Busy Ball. (I hope he doesn't do that though!) I put some more food in his ball today! TWO times actually! That is how much he loves that toy! :) The ball does keep him really busy though! And I am glad he has one!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rambo photos!

Here are some photos of Rambo I took when I was sitting in his house with him! Enjoy!

Here is a photo Rambo standing in his house!
Every time I open his house he always stands in this position, looking at me!

Rambo was tired, so he decided to lay down in his straw for a little while!

Rambo can never resist a good belly rub!

Rambo wishes I didn't have to leave!

My brother and I sat in Rambo's house for awhile! He was all nice and calm and lied there by my brother and I for awhile. :) He is such a good boy! I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rambo's excited!

Hello! I am very sorry about not posting for awhile! I have been very busy lately, and I will probably have more time now since it is spring break! :) Rambo has been getting very excited about being outside and running around again after the long winter! He has been snooping around eating anything that smells and looks yummy! He has been sprinting around a lot and his favorite thing to do is run a little ways, then lay down on his side! It is very cute. Just today, my brother walked up to Rambo and scratched his belly, Rambo hadn't even been standing for 5 seconds and he flopped over on his side. :) It was very cute! Rambo has been getting oranges and cheerios and all kinds of yummy treats, (not to mention that he has also been filling himself up with berries and bird seed.) Rambo has been doing very well and we are always waiting until the weather is nice and warm so that we can give him a bath! He is covered in straw.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rambo News!

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted for a while! I have been busy! Rambo has been a very good boy lately! He hasn't gone to the bathroom in his house any more, and I am very glad about that! :) It is very funny, because now that Rambo can come outside and run around without the snow bothering him, instead of digging in the dirt, he trots over and stands underneath our tree and eats the birdseed that fell on the ground. :) It is pretty funny! It does keep him busy though. I went outside and fed Rambo this morning, I gave him some more water also. He sure does drink a lot of water! I bet when I was sitting in his house with him, he went to drink some more water about 5 times! :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Good day for Rambo!

Rambo was a great joy yesterday! He was running around at full speed in our yard yesterday and digging in the dirt and having a good time! At one point, Rambo started running, then he did one circle, then two circles, and when he was done with the second circle, he stopped and instantly laid down on the ground like he was exhausted! :) It was really cute! Rambo had a whole ton of carrots and he was outside for a good probably hour and a half, maybe even two hours! Rambo loves being outside now that he can finally dig in the dirt! We also took Rambo for a little walk! He did pretty good, but just has to get used to being on his leash again!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

The snow is finally thawing out!

I can't believe it when I look outside and the snow has already basically melted away! It seems only yesterday that the first flakes of snow started to fall! But in Rambo's case, it has been to long a winter for him, and he is ready to get his nose dirty and root up our grass! :) Today, Rambo got so excited that he could actually see dirt and grass that he started rooting up some of our yard! We had to keep filling up the holes where he had started to dig! We brought him over into our little area of pine trees, and he was digging up the pine needles and the dirt and having a good time! Always wagging that long tail of his! Rambo also got some carrot treats too! Boy, does he love carrots! Rambo has been doing real well, and once it gets warmer out, we are going to give him his long awaited bath!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rambo News!

I am so relieved! We finally gave Rambo his dewormer! The reason I have been kind of worried is because we have been learning about all those different worms animals can get, (which has been really gross!) And I wanted to make sure that he got his dewormer quickly so that he wouldn't get any worms. :) Anyway, Rambo has been doing really well! He has been getting bigger! My friend, Bella came over yesterday, and Bella and I gave Rambo some lettuce! He absolutely loved it! Rambo hasn't been going to the bathroom in his house lately, I am very happy about that! I have been constantly been keeping his corner clean so that he doesn't go in his house anymore! He has been coming outside a lot now since it has been getting warmer! He has been playing with his new busy ball a lot!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rambo goes to the store and pictures!

Today, Me, and my family and Rambo went to the Peterson's farm and garden store! We brought Rambo with and everyone in the store was so excited to see him! We also bought Rambo his dewormer and so we are planning to give that to him tonight. :) We stopped and talked to two women, and one of them really wanted a potbelly pig, so we were talking to them for a few minutes. :) Rambo loved being in the store! There was never a moment where his tail stopped wagging! Here are two pictures that I have:

Here is Rambo on the four-wheeler!

This is my favorite picture of Rambo playing with his new Busy Ball! He loves it a lot!


Friday, February 26, 2010

Rambo news!

Rambo is doing very well! I will be posting some new pictures of him soon! Rambo has been into the habit of going to the bathroom in his house again, but he has been doing a lot better because when I went out to feed him today, he was trotting back from his bathroom corner! I was so proud of him! I pet him and told him he was such a good boy! Rambo has loved his Busy ball ever since I gave it to him! He has been rolling it around his pen all the time! Rambo has also been getting a lot bigger! He is almost up to my knee cap! :) Rambo cannot wait until spring starts! I keep reminding him that in the spring, he will be able to dig around in the dirt, and eat dandilions (his favorite plant). Rambo is going to have to have his de-wormer medicine this month, so I will have to hurry up and get it to him before February is over!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rambo's new toy!

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted for awhile! I have been really busy! Today was my birthday, and I was so excited when I opened up a cardboard box and found the big blue busy ball inside! I was so excited to show it to Rambo! I put some of his food pellets inside it and brought it out to him, and he loved it! He was rolling it around and wagging his tail like crazy! I was so happy to see that he liked it! I will post a picture of him rolling it around soon! My mom ordered it from, it is a website with information and products for potbellied pigs! I peeled up an orange for Rambo today, and he came trotting over grunting with glee! He had little specks of snow on his face. He is the cutest little potbelly pig I have ever seen!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rambo's all bundled up!

Here is a picture that I took of my dad holding Rambo! It was cold outside today, so I grabbed a blanket and we wrapped Rambo up and got him all cozy!

Isn't he the cutest?!

I love how he is looking at the camera! I told him he is very photogenic! He grunted in reply. :) He is doing very well, so far there has been no more sightings of him going to the bathroom in his house! Yay! Rambo is such a good boy!


Monday, February 8, 2010

Rambo's at it again!

Hello! Well, Rambo has decided to go ahead and go to the bathroom in his house again! I discovered it this weekend, and I wasn't very happy. I told him he shouldn't have done that, and he felt a little bad. We will have to work with him again over the weekend and try and get him out of that habit. This afternoon, I went outside, fed Rambo, cleaned up his leavings in his house, shoveled a new path to his bathroom corner, and gave him more water! It didn't take as long as you would think looking at all those jobs! But Rambo has been a really good boy, and he is a great enjoyment in our family!


Friday, February 5, 2010


Today, when I got home from a long day at school, I looked over at Rambo's house, and he had pushed all his toys outside, along with his food dish! We called Rambo out of his house and asked him what he had been up to. Rambo just grunted and squealed and wagged his long black tail! It was so cute! I told him I would be out to feed him as soon as I got out of the car. I certainly did and he was all excited! Sticking his pink nose through the little holes in the fence! He was one happy pig! He especially loved it the most when I put his dish of food in his house!


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rambo's Day

Today, I looked out the window and saw my dad going inside Rambo's house. So, I went and quickly got on my snow suit and went outside. My dad was cleaning out Rambo's water dish. It had gotten pretty dirty in there so he was cleaning out all the dirty water. Rambo was very happy. My dad handed me the water pitcher and I went inside and filled it up. I came back outside and Rambo was waiting for me! I handed the pitcher to dad and he filled it to the very top! As soon as that was done, I climbed inside Rambo's house and sat down in the straw. We gave Rambo a good scratching and dad held him on his lap. We also gave him some Cheerios! He looks so cute when you are looking at him straight in the eyes! I will try and get a picture of him! After a fun time with Rambo, we got out and gave him some more straw in his house. He loved that!


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Apples and Oranges

Today, I got up this morning, and I fed Rambo. He was up and ready to have some food! I went back inside for a bit, then I went to go and see him again. He was really excited to see me! He was laying in his straw and dug at my pocket, because I had a special surprise for him. . . Oranges! He was so happy to have some juicy orange slices for a little snack! I sat in Rambo's house with him for a bit. I watched him dig in his straw and I scratched his belly. :) He loves that. After awhile, I went back in the house and sat with my dad and watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. That was fun to watch. My dad thought it would be a good idea to give Rambo an apple since he hadn't had one for awhile! So, we cut up an apple, and my dad brought it outside and fed it to him! Unfortunately, I had to go and take a shower, so I couldn't go and feed it to him. :( But Rambo absolutely loved it!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Good Boy!

I am so happy! Rambo has stopped going to the bathroom in his house now! It really helped when we put those hay bales in there! I just went out there about two minutes ago to: feed him, give him more water, and pick up in his bathroom corner. Our neighbors have asked us to give them some of Rambo's manure for fertilizer. Two buckets full! While I was in Rambo's house, he was preparing a little bed for himself, it was pretty cute! He would dig around in the straw with his nose for a little bit, then he would dig inside his straw with his hoof and settle down in his straw! It was so cute! We also gave Rambo some oranges in with his potbelly pig food also! He always loves a good treat! He is definitely getting bigger!


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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rambo is going through a phase.

Hello! Yes, Rambo is going through a phase. It just isn't a very good one. He has this thing where, instead of going to the bathroom outside, he is going inside his house! We don't understand why he is doing this. We think maybe he doesn't like the feeling of the wet, cold, snow on his hooves. But, that is kind of unlikely because he has always gone outside before. My dad says he doesn't know how we will break him of this. We will have to think of something quickly, because I don't want to keep cleaning his leavings out of his house. I will keep you posted on how he is doing!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Poor Rambo!

I feel so bad for my little piggy! Today, I was sitting in his house with him, he was sitting by me, and I kept smelling this weird smell. I asked my dad if he would open the roof, and it turned out, Rambo pooped in his house! I felt so bad! I don't even know why he did that! So, we had to scoop out all his droppings, then we had to take out half of his straw, and replace it with new stuff. Then, I had to go to the front of his house and scoop out all the wet straw in that section. It was kind of gross. I felt bad! He was happy though. He liked having some new straw in there! I will keep you posted on how Rambo is doing!


Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Honest Scrap award!

Hello! I got the Honest Scrap award from Glow Fish! Here is how it works, you have to list 10 honest things about yourself, then award it to seven other bloggers! Well, here I go!

1. Rambo is the greatest pig ever!

2. Tornadoes scare me.

3. 7th grade is hard!!!

4. I have a cell phone.

5. I love reading!

6. I don't like to go grocery shopping. :)

7. I have two dogs, two cats, and pig!

8. I play oboe in band.

9. If I had to play another instrument besides oboe, and piano, I would play alto saxophone. :)

10. Blogging is fun!

I award:
Pug Mom


A cold icy day

Today, I went outside and visited Rambo. I called him, and he came out of his house grunting with happiness. I went inside his pen and fed him some Cheerios. He loved that! He was wagging his tail the whole time! I also shoveled out his bathroom corner. I have to do that about every three days. I also gave Rambo some more water too. I filled it up right to the top! We have these old bowling balls that we don't use, and I told my dad we should let Rambo have one so he can roll it around. My dad thought that was a good idea. When my dad got back with the bowling ball, Rambo started to roll it around! I was so happy that he enjoyed it! It is really icy at my house, I had Rambo out of his pen, and he was slipping on his hooves. :( Poor little guy. We brought Rambo back to his pen to go inside so that he could dry off, because there was water dripping off of every tree, and it was dripping on him. Rambo gave his bowling ball one last nudge, then he went inside. :)


Monday, January 18, 2010

Rambo stretching his legs after the cold weather!

Here is a little video I put together today for Rambo's blog! It is a short one, but I hope to make longer ones soon!


Rambo's Corner

Rambo's corner is going to be a fun little part of Rambo's blog, where Rambo will "talk" about what he did yesterday:

Rambo: "Yesterday, I heard voices, so I pushed my way through my little door, and saw that, my gate was open! I walked outside. The ground was kind of cold on my pads, so I had to try and walk on my hooves. I know where food is--it's in that one place where the door shuts automatically. So, I trotted over to see if I could find a little snack, and. . . the door was closed! Dad must have known I was coming and shut the door, because he was outside! With a treat! Oranges! I munched those quickly! Caylee gave me some oranges, too. Caylee and Dad went and sat on the steps. I didn't want to go over there, so I snooped around for a bit. Here is what I did: I trotted along the driveway and sniffed. My nose got very chilly, so I trotted over to Caylee and Dad. Dad had some Cheerios. They were yummy. Dad went inside, so I went up the steps to follow him. He shut the door in my face! I was not too happy about that. He came back outside, and I tried to sneak inside, but Dad told me I couldn't go inside because I was "dirty!" What kind of an excuse for not letting me in is that? When I looked through the window, I saw a black face looking at me. It was my friend, Mia. I like that dog. Caylee said she was a, bug, I think it was. No, wait she is a pug! Anyway, I walked down the stairs, Caylee and Dad had more Cheerios for me. I ate them, of course. Well, I didn't really do much after that. I had a lot of fun coming outside! I have to go now! Caylee is coming to play with me! Bye!"

-oboe.chick and Rambo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rambo's 100th post!

Yay! Rambo's blog now has 100 posts! This is so exciting! Here is what Rambo has to say about it:

Rambo: "Grunt grunt squeal sniff sniff grunt!"

He says he is very happy about that! Today, it was a very nice day, so Rambo got to come outside! He loved it! He went snooping around a little bit. We fed him an orange, and some Cheerios-- they are his favorite snack! He tried to come in the house, but, he was kind of dirty, so he couldn't. :( I am going to post a picture of him on here soon! It's been awhile since I posted one. Rambo is doing very well! It's almost halfway through winter!! I bet he can't wait to come outside and root! Rambo would like to say something:

Rambo: "I am having a good time here. The oranges are yummy, and the Cheerios are good, too. I love getting my belly scratched. I think that dad scratches my belly better than Caylee (oboe.chick) does. (Please don't tell her that :)) I am glad that my blog is being looked at. It makes me so happy, I can't stop wagging my tail! Well, I guess I am going to go now. I think Caylee is coming out to feed me! Oink! Oink!"


Friday, January 15, 2010

Yesterday. . .

Yesterday, I went and sat with Rambo before we had to leave to go to my brother's swim-meet. He was so excited to see me! He was wagging his tail--like usual. I climbed rather clumsily through his little door, and when I got inside, it was pretty warm in there! I looked at the thermometer and saw, 60 degrees! That was way too warm for my little piggy, so I turned it down to 50 degrees, the perfect temperature for him! It is quite comfortable in that little house, it actually kind of feels like your sitting in your house, only, it's full of straw! Rambo loves the new straw we gave him, and he was still digging around in there! He even walked over me a few times! He is getting quite heavy, so I had to nudge him off of me. I had peeled a clemintine for him, and broke it into pieces. He was so excited to see I had brought him a yummy treat! He loves oranges! When he finished eating his orange, I scratched his neck, and all kinds of little pieces of straw were falling off of him! I was telling him that in the springtime, when it gets warmer out, we are going to give him a bath, and I bet him that his bath tub/pool was going to be filled with little pieces of straw! He just stood there, he didn't say anything really. He talked a little, but not a lot. He loves to talk though, when it is dinner time!! Rambo is such a funny little pig!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Visiting Rambo

Today, I went out and visited Rambo before my Grandma and Grandpa came over. He was standing outside waiting for me. I climbed inside through his little door instead of the roof because we don't want to let all of his heat out in the winter. He was grunting a little, but not that much. When I climbed into his house, I had to rearrange a few of his items, because he had practically pushed them out the door! :) I climbed in the back of his house, and it was quite warm and cozy inside. It was 50 degrees in there, the perfect temperature. My dad said that Rambo found that coziest spot to lay in is by the heater, because, that is where it is warmest. When I climbed inside, Rambo pushed his way underneath his blanket door, and walked over by me. He lay down next to me and buried himself in the straw, butt facing out. Then, he decided it might be better if his head was facing out, so he turned around and lay down with his head facing towards me. He dug around in his straw and nibbled on some of it. Then, after a bit, he got up and dug around by the front of his house. I was talking to him the whole time, and he would wag his tail. It was so fun! Then, I heard my Grandma come and say, "Rambo." I peeked my head outside, and said "Hi!" I climbed out and shut Rambo's gate behind me. I was disappointed to have to leave, but I am sure Rambo had understood. If I have time tomorrow after school, I am definitely going to go and see him!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chilly Nights

Hello! I was so excited, because yesterday, I went to my friend Taylor's birthday party! It was so much fun! We did a spa type thing, we did our nails, and soaked our feet, and did masks. It was so fun! We got lots of pictures taken! I was so happy to see Rambo when I got home! My dad and I had to go and get some new straw for him. His old stuff was getting kind of damp, and we didn't want him to get cold. So, we had to scoop out all of his old straw out and put it in garbage bags, then we put in lots of new fresh straw. Rambo loved it! He started burrowing under the straw and chewing on little bits of it. He chews on the straw so much, that he broke down the straw into small pieces! :) He is a funny pig. My dad and I sat in his house with him for a bit while he dug around in his straw. It was pretty funny. After his house warmed up to 50 degrees, we got out and gave Rambo some more water. Then, he was set until it was time for supper!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


It is supposed to be really cold tonight! I know that Rambo will be fine though! He has everything he needs to stay nice and cozy on these cold winter days! He has a heater, and all kinds of straw and blankets that will keep him warm! One of his favorite things to do in his past time is to munch on some straw for awhile! It keeps him occupied, and it is a good snack! Today, I had to walk out to feed Rambo, and it was pretty chilly! I bet when Rambo is finished eating, he goes right into the back of his house and curls up in his straw! Rambo is pretty cute when he gets all snuggled up in his hay! Its funny because, you can't even see him, he is so buried in straw. He is a good pig! I love him so much!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lettuce and Oranges

Today, Rambo got a nice bowl of lettuce and oranges for a little treat this afternoon! I had to go and grab a pitcher of water to fill up his bowl, and when I got back, he was already finished! He was outside grunting away! He is the cutest little pig! I was watching a movie with my family called College Road Trip and this little boy had a little piggy that reminded me of Rambo! Here is the pig's picture:
He just reminded me of Rambo! The way he acted just reminded me of Rambo! He kind of looks like Rambo too! Rambo is doing very well, my dad picked him up when he was outside, and dad said he was shivering! So, I gave him a big huge hug, and I pet him to try and warm him up. Then, me and my dad told him he should go inside so he wouldn't get cold. But, he is doing very well! He doesn't seem very bothered by the cold weather! I love that little guy!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Below zero!

Wow! It was so cold today! When I was riding in the car with my mom to my oboe lesson, it was -19 below zero! Rambo kept his little nose inside today, I bet he could sense how cold it was too! Tonight, for dinner, Rambo had a big meal! He had his potbelly pig food, and lettuce, and oranges! He was so happy, he was turning in circles and wagging his tail! Rambo got through this cold day just fine! He didn't seem bothered by it at all! He must have been nice and warm in his house!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Rambo's Sweater

Hello! Sadly, Rambo's new sweater did not fit him again. His neck was still too big! He was a very good boy when we tried to put it on though! He just stood there and grunted a few times! My dad and I sat in his house with him for a bit! He was so funny! He would dig in his hay, and he went outside a few times to check if someone was out there! Its funny because when Rambo is outside, you always know where he is because he grunts all the time! He is a big talker! We also got Rambo some more water, he sure does drink a lot of it! Rambo has been staying really warm in his house! The temperature is 50 degrees, and I bet when he snuggles into the straw, it is even warmer! Today, Rambo also got a special New Year's treat! It was a mixture of some lettuce, carrots, and oranges! He sure ate that quickly!


Rambo's new sweater!

Happy New Year!!! Rambo got a New Year's meal yesterday! It was made up of his potbellied pig food, and mixed into his food was some--Oranges! Rambo loves oranges, he always eats them first. :) I had to pick up some more of Rambo's potbelly pig food, yesterday. He was almost out! So we picked that up, then we also got him a new sweater! It is a fleece sweater that attaches with Velcro. I can adjust the Velcro so that it fits Rambo. I will post a picture of him wearing it soon! Rambo has been a very good pig and is always wagging his tail! Hopefully, his sweater will keep him nice and warm and he can go on lots of walks!