Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rambo's Walk

Tonight was Rambo's nightly walk, he did very good! He likes the following technique the best, where someone in front calls him, and he will start trotting forward, all excited! He is so cute! We had our pug Mia outside, and Rambo would be eating the dandelions and Mia would look at him like, "What are you eating? I don't see anything!" It was pretty funny! Rambo would be wagging his little tail all the time! We brought him back to his pen after a walk around the perimeter of the house,where Rambo drank quite a bit of water! My dad and I sat outside with him, and went through his tricks, which right now are, sit, and sit up, and come. He is so smart! After a bit, he got tired, and we said goodnight!


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rambo's bath!

Yesterday, before Rambo watched some T.V., he had to have a bath first! For his bath, we just rinsed him off with some water, (because we didn't have to shampoo him for 6 weeks,) and put on some lotion that made him so soft! He smelled so nice! We watched the movie "New in town" and Rambo was laying in my lap for part of it until he had gotten thirsty and had to use the bathroom, then it was bedtime for a tired piggy! I have added some pictures of him when he had his bath! Isn't he cute?


Rambo walks on a leash!!!!

I am so proud of Rambo! My dad had been adding tension to his harness so that he could feel what it was like to walk with a leash and today we brought him out and he walked all by himself on his leash! What a good pig! When I pulled on it to get him to turn, he wouldn't squeal or run, he would walk right over! He walked on our driveway, then he rutted in the pine needles, he was having lots of fun! I will have to get a picture! I will also be posting a couple pictures of Rambo when he got his bath yesterday!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Rambo's leash training!

Today, my friend Taylor was over, and she absolutely LOVED him!!!! Rambo was so nice to Taylor, he didn't even flinch away from her, he just sniffed her hand and he let her pet him! He even let her rub his belly! Such a good pig! My mom held him for ten minutes, hardly fussing a bit! He just lay there! Mom got a bit dirty though. But she didn't mind it at all! Tonight, my dad was putting tension on Rambo's harness, he squealed a little, but not too much! Then, after he got used to the tension, my dad told him, "Come," and Rambo squealed, he didn't like that very much! But he soon got used to it after a few Cheerios! After supper, we are going to give Rambo a bath, after that, Rambo gets a special treat. . . he gets to watch T.V.!


What my friend Taylor thought of Rambo!


This post is going to be written by my friend Taylor on what she thought of Rambo!

Taylor: Hey everyone! I'm oboe.chick's friend, Taylor! I thought Rambo is the CUTEST most ADORABLE potbellied pig in the UNIVERSE! He is so cute when you hold up a cheerio in front of his nose and say "Sit" and then either give him the cheerio or you can tell him "Up" and he will STAND ON HIS BACK LEGS! How positively sweet is that? And then when you scratch his little tummy he will sometimes flop over and it makes you feel so special! Rambo is the most wonderful, amazing, and spectacular pig to ever live!

Thanks, oboe.chick for letting me post a comment on your blog! Back to oboe.chick!

Thanks Taylor! I will be updating more soon!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Such a sweet pig!

Today after I had fed Rambo, I had gone back in the house to do my jobs for the day. Then I went back outside, I called for him, and he came running! It was so cute! I went inside his house and sat in his bed of hay and he walked up to me and sniffed my face and got my shirt all dirty! Oops! So I sat and pet him and he lay down and closed his eyes. I left him to take a nap in his hay, which looked quite comfy! I would have slept there!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A fun day with Rambo

Today, I woke up at around 6:15 to go and feed Rambo. He was in his house sleeping, he looked very cozy! I went and measured out his food and brought it to him, and he ate it all up! I also gave him some fresh water since he gets it all dirty after rooting in the pen! Silly Rambo! It was supposed to rain this morning so I went back inside. It rained a little bit so I went to check on him after it rained to make sure he was doing good! And of course he was, all curled up in his hay! I went and sat with him every few minutes or so, and gave him Cheerios. My brother scratched his tummy until he fell asleep in his house! So sweet! After I got home from swimming, I went to give him his supper and he had rooted giant holes in the ground and his water dish was sitting outside his house! What a silly pig! Soon my dad came home and he helped me pick up Rambo for the first time by myself! I held him on my lap and fed him Cheerios and scratched his tummy, rubbed his ear, and scratched his back. I set him down and gave him some more Cheerios. My dad taught him how to sit up on his back hooves! Good Rambo! Since Rambo can't quite get into his wading pool, my dad built him a ramp so he can get in and also get back out. So far he has made it to the top, but hasn't gotten in the pool yet. After some playtime, I said goodnight!


Potbelly Pig Book

If you want or already have a potbelly pig, a book that you should get is: The Complete Guide for the Care and Training of Pet Potbellied Pigs. This book is by Kathleen Myers who is a nationally known pig breeder and consultant. This book has 11 chapters and is full of information.

My mom ordered this book from Amazon.


Hay for Rambo

After a few hours of playing with Rambo outside, I had to go to swimming practice for the swim team. While we were gone my dad came home with some hay for Rambo. We only had had blankets and some pillows in their for him at first, so we thought he may have been a little cold. My dad spread out the hay and put everything back in his house and he absolutely LOVED it! I told my dad after I got home, that he would sleep better that night, since two nights ago Rambo had not slept very well, and he fell asleep instantly! We were so relieved!


Monday, August 24, 2009

What a night!

What a night Rambo had last night! We were checking on him every few minutes, since it was his first night outside, and he kept rooting the ground! Even at about 8:00 past his bedtime! My dad, brother, and I went out there with a flashlight and told him he needed to sleep, so we refilled his water, covered up the gigantic rooting holes he had made, and went back inside. We checked him two times until finally when me and my dad went and checked, he was fast asleep curled up in his blankets! What a good boy!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rambo's first day outside

This morning, Rambo woke up early, so my mom had to come and wake me up. Rambo was up and about looking for food! Rambo had his morning meal, and me and my family went to church and ran some errands. Then when we got inside the house, Rambo was standing in the dog carrier waiting for us. My dad had gotten more wood at Menards and went to work on the house with my brother. We took Rambo with us, although, he still didn't like his leash and got squealy. But soon he settled down for us and he got to root around in his pen. My dad started working on the house and first, he put Styrofoam on the bottom of the house, then put plywood on top for the floor. Next, he cut out some Styrofoam into the shape of the walls and glued them to the walls for insulation in the winter. After that, he put on the roof, he measured the one half of the house for the permanent part of the roof and the other half he measured so that I could open up the roof and climb inside to check on Rambo, or clean up his house. My mom came out a while later and painted the house, a light brownish color. Rambo was out there rooting the whole time! I had taken him off of his leash, so he could go where ever he wanted! My dad finished the house, and put hinges on the one half of the roof where you could lift up it up. But we are still a little wary of it, because it might fall down. Rambo is a little scared of it too, but he does okay. My mom and I went and gathered up Rambo's Patrick (from SpongeBob) stuffed pillow, and his fleece and silk blanket, and a big quilt that we didn't have any use for anymore, and his caterpillar toy. I wrapped it in the quilt and arranged it in a way that he would like, soon he went and explored sniffing around inside, we were a little worried, because we thought he was wrecking the Styrofoam! After awhile, I brought out his food and water, and set it on a mat inside his house, he gobbled up his food and came outside. I got a tupperware full of Cheerios and taught him how to sit, and get up on the log. (He even jumped on me a few times! Boy, does he love Cheerios!) My dad got him a whole apple from our apple tree, (the apples aren't very big.) Rambo grabbed the apple and carried it around his pen, then ate it. Me and my dad went inside his house, (turns out it can fit two people and a pig!) and we layed in there with him, Rambo got a belly rub, and he falls over all the time because it feels so good! Soon after, Rambo had had so much fun he got so exhausted, he fell over with a flop!


A day with Rambo

Yesterday with Rambo I gave him his food for the morning, and he gobbled it down like always! It was the first day that we put on his harness, he had no problem with it! We gave him a Cheerio for being so good with putting on his harness! So he walked around with it on for a while and decided that he was tired and needed a nap. He decided that he liked our multicolored rug in the entry way and lay down on that. He tried to doze off but the ongoing noises kept him awake. My dad and brother went off to Menards to get wood for Rambo's house, so I went and laid on a blanket and read a book, while Rambo laid on the rug. If I laid still on the blanket, he walked up to me a couple times and sniffed me. Which was good so that he would get to know me! Or sometimes, he would just lay on his rug and stare at me. After awhile, we decided to take him outside on his leash. . . he didn't like it that much. We set him in the grass and he squealed quite a bit and ran around, but soon we picked him up and put him in his pen outside and he loved it! It was packed with all the dirt that he needed! He rooted around in the dirt for about three hours, and got a really dirty nose! Soon, after we brought in Rambo's big house, (which is 9 feet long, by 4 foot high at it's highest point) my dad installed a gate and finished wrapping the chain link fence around it. Rambo went and sniffed around inside his house for about 5 minutes, then it was time for Rambo to come in for a bath! Well, Rambo isn't a big bath taker when it comes to the laundry room tub! He squealed and jumped around, but my dad got him under control, and we got all the dirt off of his nose, and also the dirt off of the bottom of his hooves! We dried him off and rubbed some lotion on him, and he was sparkly clean! Then after a little playtime and some supper, Rambo was off to bed after a big day rooting in his pen!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bringing home Rambo

Yesterday, we went to get Rambo. I put his carrier we would bring him home in together, and put newspapers in the bottom for accidents. We got to the farm where we would pick him up, and got information on the different things he liked to do, like where he liked to be scratched (on Rambo it is his ears.) We learned how much food he would eat, and learned how to clean out his ears. Rambo was the second to the last pig left, his brother, Rosco was left, he was separated from Rambo though. Rambo is a black pig with a white stripe down his forehead. We got Rambo in his carrier easily, but had a few accidents on the way. (It is good to have newspapers.) When we got home, we introduced him to our cats: Carmel and Mitzi. Although, they were a little wary of him. Which is what you would expect from cats, Carmel's hair stood on end and her tail became a whole lot bushier! So after we got his dishes and litter box set up, we gave him his food. 1/2 a cup of Mazuri potbelly pig food, and 1/8 cup of grain. He gobbled that up quickly! After feeding time, we played with him and held him for about an hour and a half, then it was off to bed! Rambo settled in quite nicely to his silk and fleece blankets, and fell asleep instantly!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preparing for Rambo

Today, I went to the thrift store and found a fleecy blanket, a silky blanket, and a toy for Rambo to play with. Tomorrow is the BIG day to go and pick him up! I am pretty excited, although my mom is a little leery about it. I will post another entry about the car ride home, and his first day here tomorrow.