Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Chill!

Brr. . . It is really cold out here where I am. We are having a snow storm. Well, its really not much of a snow storm though. But since the weather is really cold, Rambo has to be prepared! Every morning I went out to feed him, I would check the temperature in his house, and it would always say 40 degrees. Well, my dad went and got seven bales of hay, and grouped them around Rambo's house to keep the heat in. It has been working real well so far. I just went out to see Rambo, and he was wagging his long black tail! He was so excited to see me, he was also very excited to see I also had an apple with me! I fed him the apple, and checked his water. Everything was perfect in there! Rambo is being very good, he doesn't like to go outside though. That is very understandable!



ApachesPrincess said...

Yes - it is terrible could outside!!

oboe.chick said...

It really is!