Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Morning. . .

This morning, when I went out to feed Rambo, I looked up and saw him walking back from his bathroom spot. It was so cute, because when he saw me, he ran right up to the gate and started grunting! He is a big talker! I had to go inside his house this morning, because I had to check his water. I poured his food into his big rubber dish, and looked in the water container. Sure enough, I had to get him some more. I went into the house, and grabbed the water jug. My mom offered to fill up the water jug since I was standing in the house with my snow covered boots. So, once his water jug was filled up, I had to maneuver my way outside while holding the lantern and trying not to spill his water at the same time! I finally got to his house, Rambo was still eating, I was happy about that because, when I am holding his jug, and its full of water, he will nudge it with his nose. I have to make sure he doesn't spill it! I filled up his water dish to the brim, then gave Rambo a hug, and went back inside. Its so fun seeing Rambo in the morning!


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