Monday, December 14, 2009

This Morning. . .

This morning, I looked outside, and of course, it had snowed. I had another thing on my agenda, to dig out a new path for Rambo to walk to his bathroom corner. The reason we have this path is because, if Rambo stands in the snow for too long, his poor little hooves get cold, and he holds them in the air if they get too cold. So my dad and I have been scraping the snow out of the way for him so that he can walk to and from his bathroom area without him getting his feet cold. I went outside in my snowsuit outfit, and filled up his cup of food. I gave him his food and got the shovel that was leaning against the tree and scraped the snow out of the way all the way to the dirt. After I looked at the path and thought it looked good, I said good-bye to Rambo on my way out the door. He is always a good boy when I am at school, and he is so excited when he sees me come home!


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