Friday, December 4, 2009

Rambo's water was frozen!

As I was getting ready for school this morning, my dad called and told me to check Rambo's water to make sure it wasn't frozen. So, when I went out to feed Rambo, I checked his water, and as my dad had predicted, his water was totally frozen. I gave him his food, then quickly rushed inside. I chipped all the ice out, then filled up the dish, and brought it back outside. Well--I called my dad and told him Rambo's water had frozen, and my dad said to fill up his rubber black dish instead of the original one. So, I told my mom that I had to fill up the rubber dish, so she filled it up, and we went outside. It was pretty cold by the way. :) I grabbed Rambo's old dish, and replaced it with the rubber dish, and then I ran back inside. It was such a relief to be back in the warm, cozy, house!



ApachesPrincess said...'s Winter! All of our animals water has been frozen as well :)

oboe.chick said...

:) We got him a heated water dish that will keep his water from freezing. This should help a lot!