Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Morning. . .

This morning, when I went out to feed Rambo, I looked up and saw him walking back from his bathroom spot. It was so cute, because when he saw me, he ran right up to the gate and started grunting! He is a big talker! I had to go inside his house this morning, because I had to check his water. I poured his food into his big rubber dish, and looked in the water container. Sure enough, I had to get him some more. I went into the house, and grabbed the water jug. My mom offered to fill up the water jug since I was standing in the house with my snow covered boots. So, once his water jug was filled up, I had to maneuver my way outside while holding the lantern and trying not to spill his water at the same time! I finally got to his house, Rambo was still eating, I was happy about that because, when I am holding his jug, and its full of water, he will nudge it with his nose. I have to make sure he doesn't spill it! I filled up his water dish to the brim, then gave Rambo a hug, and went back inside. Its so fun seeing Rambo in the morning!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rambo playing with his new toy!

Hello! Here is a picture I took of Rambo rolling his new toy around! It has some Cheerios inside it, and Rambo rolls it around until the Cheerios fall out! Here is the picture:

Isn't he cute?

Rambo has a lot of fun rolling around his light bulb! It's pretty cool because the light bulb smells like mint! Maybe that is another reason he likes it! I love how he always has all kinds of straw stuck to him!


Sunday, December 27, 2009


Hello! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Rambo sure did! Although, his sweater that we had gotten him for him was too small! His head wouldn't fit! Poor Rambo! Although, he did get a bag of Cheerios from Santa, and he also got a green light bulb toy we can put his Cheerios in! He rolls it around the driveway, and gets all of the little treats out! It is so cute! Today, my mom and I went to the store and bought him a green velvet stocking that has a big golden "R" on it. It is very pretty! Rambo is a very good pig, and today, he got an orange mixed in with his supper tonight! He loves it when there is a little treat in his meals! I have a picture of Rambo rolling his green light bulb around the driveway that I will be posting soon!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have you ever seen anything this cute??!!!

Hello! I was so excited when I saw this! My mom said that our friend, Mary had brought something fun to work. I was so excited to see what it was! So, when we got to her office, my mom opened the door, and I saw--THIS!!!

Isn't it the cutest?! Mary's daughter painted it for my family and I! We enjoyed it a lot! The white stripe is perfect, and she even got the white patch of hair under his chin! I love the wings, aren't they cute?


Saturday, December 19, 2009

We got Rambo a present!

I am so excited! We got Rambo a present for Christmas! It is a cute little sweater! It is actually a dog sweater, but I bet it will fit Rambo also! :) I will post a picture of him on his blog so you can see what he looks like! I bet he will love it! When Rambo came outside today, he was full of straw! It was totally embedded in his hair! My dad and I gave him a good massage and some of the straw came out! But, it wasn't even half of it! Rambo is excited for Christmas!


Monday, December 14, 2009

This Morning. . .

This morning, I looked outside, and of course, it had snowed. I had another thing on my agenda, to dig out a new path for Rambo to walk to his bathroom corner. The reason we have this path is because, if Rambo stands in the snow for too long, his poor little hooves get cold, and he holds them in the air if they get too cold. So my dad and I have been scraping the snow out of the way for him so that he can walk to and from his bathroom area without him getting his feet cold. I went outside in my snowsuit outfit, and filled up his cup of food. I gave him his food and got the shovel that was leaning against the tree and scraped the snow out of the way all the way to the dirt. After I looked at the path and thought it looked good, I said good-bye to Rambo on my way out the door. He is always a good boy when I am at school, and he is so excited when he sees me come home!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rambo Pictures

Hello! I have decided that every week, I will take a picture of Rambo, and post it on his blog! That way, you can see how much he is growing week by week! I think that his tail keeps getting longer! He has a nice winter coat on him, it is long and thick! I will try to get Rambo when he looks really cute, but that is hard because he likes to walk up and sniff the camera before I can get a good picture of him! Here is an image I took of Rambo when he was younger, I will be getting a new picture of him this week, but this one is the cutest picture ever!Rambo lounging after his bath!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rambo rode on the four-wheeler!

I went up to the cities today with my mom, me and our friend, Linda, and so my dad was at home with Rambo. My mom called Dad, and my dad said: Rambo had rode on the four wheeler! Dad said that Rambo was nervous grunting, and then he calmed down and dad rode up and down the driveway with him! It sounded pretty cute, but then Rambo just ate some bird seed the rest of the time! I was so happy to hear that he had a good time!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Rambo's Winter

So far this winter, Rambo has been doing pretty good. Although, my dad and I don't like it when he goes outside because he might get cold hooves. Rambo already had a cold hoof a couple days ago. My dad tried to warm up his hoof, but Rambo would pull it away, and he would hold his foot in the air because it was cold. We are thinking of getting Rambo a little piggy sweater for Christmas! That way, he won't get chilly if he does want to go for a little walk. My dad shoveled a little path for Rambo if he has to go to the bathroom. Rambo walks along it and his hooves don't get cold. Rambo has a long winter ahead of him, but I am sure he will do great!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Chill!

Brr. . . It is really cold out here where I am. We are having a snow storm. Well, its really not much of a snow storm though. But since the weather is really cold, Rambo has to be prepared! Every morning I went out to feed him, I would check the temperature in his house, and it would always say 40 degrees. Well, my dad went and got seven bales of hay, and grouped them around Rambo's house to keep the heat in. It has been working real well so far. I just went out to see Rambo, and he was wagging his long black tail! He was so excited to see me, he was also very excited to see I also had an apple with me! I fed him the apple, and checked his water. Everything was perfect in there! Rambo is being very good, he doesn't like to go outside though. That is very understandable!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fixing up Rambo's house!

Today, since these winter days are getting cold, we had to fix up Rambo's house a little so that we made sure that Rambo stayed nice and warm during the night, where the temperature really drops down to a low level. So, my dad took a big quilt that we didn't use, and nailed it in his house like a flap. It hung down by his bed area so that his bed stayed warm and no drafts got in. Rambo liked that a lot! We also hooked up a water dish that heated up so that his water didn't freeze. That will be nice so that I don't have to get him new water if it freezes. Now, Rambo will be sure to stay cozy and warm on those winter nights!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Rambo's water was frozen!

As I was getting ready for school this morning, my dad called and told me to check Rambo's water to make sure it wasn't frozen. So, when I went out to feed Rambo, I checked his water, and as my dad had predicted, his water was totally frozen. I gave him his food, then quickly rushed inside. I chipped all the ice out, then filled up the dish, and brought it back outside. Well--I called my dad and told him Rambo's water had frozen, and my dad said to fill up his rubber black dish instead of the original one. So, I told my mom that I had to fill up the rubber dish, so she filled it up, and we went outside. It was pretty cold by the way. :) I grabbed Rambo's old dish, and replaced it with the rubber dish, and then I ran back inside. It was such a relief to be back in the warm, cozy, house!


Thursday, December 3, 2009

The snow is falling!

Where I live, the snow has started to fall! I got home from school today, and we stopped by Rambo's house and we called for him. But, he didn't come out. Rambo is being pretty smart in staying inside his house where it is cozy and warm! Poor Rambo! My dad says we will have to get him extra straw and make sure his house is staying warm at all times! I went out and visited him last night, and he had been sleeping in his house, and when I opened his roof, he was covered from head to hoof in straw! It was so cute! We gave him a few Cheerios, but then, Rambo was to tired, and he went to sleep.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Blog design!

Hello! As you can see, Rambo's blog got a new blog design! It now has three columns, so that I can post stuff on BOTH sides of my blog, and the background was changed, and so was the text, so you can read the blog posts easier! I would like to thank Reyna for giving Rambo's blog a new look! Thank you!