Monday, November 30, 2009


I was so happy when I got home today, my mom drove up to Rambo's house and we looked outside, and. . . Rambo's water dish was outside! It was so funny! I jumped out of the car and grabbed the water jug, it was completely dry! So, when Rambo popped out, I told him I was going to get him some water. His only reply was a "grunt." :) So I walked over to the faucet and filled up his water, and brought it back. My mom grabbed his Cheerio container, and I filled up his apple juice jug with some Cheerios, and dropped it on the ground. Rambo immediately attacked it and started shoving it around with his nose! He is so cute! When I left his pen, I turned around and saw his big, long, tail wagging, and he was pushing around the jug.
It was 4:30, so I looked outside, and Rambo's beautiful Christmas lights were on when I went out to feed him. I complemented him on lights, but the only thing he was focused on at the moment were the potbelly pig food that I had in my hand! He is such a fun little guy!


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