Saturday, November 21, 2009


Rambo had a fun day today! First, Rambo and my dad went running in the ditch! It was pretty funny, my dad said that Rambo ran down into the ditch, then he kept running, and running! It sounded pretty funny! Then, Rambo got to dig around outside, my mom got a little wary when Rambo was digging all kinds of big holes! He was half buried in one hole he was digging! :) Rambo was pretty tired after that exercise, so I went and sat in his house with him. I fed him some Cheerios and re-filled his water jug. My dad and I taught Rambo how to take Cheerios from us without him biting our fingers on accident. We tell him to "sit," then Rambo sits, and we give him his Cheerio. He nibbles on the Cheerio and bites it in half without biting our fingers! We even were able to show him how to stand on his back legs and take the Cheerio without accidentally getting our fingers too! I am so proud of him!


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