Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rambo and the Bird Seed!

It is just so funny what Rambo finds to eat! Today, my dad was putting Christmas lights up and we let Rambo out. Rambo trotted right over to the tree, and eats the little pieces of bird seed that he finds in the ground. I have been watching him for the past 5 minutes, and all he is doing is eating the seed! He is like a vacuum cleaner! I was telling him that its called BIRD seed not POTBELLIED PIG seed. He doesn't seem to care though. He is pretty happy, because looking at him right now, his tail is wagging! I just love his tail! It is the cutest! It is pretty chilly though. It is always nice to walk into the house and have it be nice and warm. Rambo's house is like that too! If it's cold outside, he always has a warm house to walk into!


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