Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rambo had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Everyone thought he was so cute! Rambo got to be pet, given an apple, and Rambo figured out he liked. . . BIRD SEED! Silly Rambo, he is always eating the silliest things. Rambo squealed in protest as my dad was trying to bring him to his pen, he wanted to keep eating the bird seed! It was funny. Rambo was a perfect pig, when my aunt saw him, the first thing she said was: "He is so cute! Look at that tail!" Everyone always comments on Rambo's tail and whether or not it should be curly, or if its wagging like crazy! It's funny! Well, Rambo's Thanksgiving dinner was his Mazuri: Active Adult food. Although it probably was the best dinner he ever had. Rambo's meal also consisted of an apple and bird seed. I will probably have to steer clear of the bird seed for a while when I take Rambo on his walk!


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