Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Digging in the ditch!

I got home from school today, and my dad was home with Rambo. I looked outside, and Rambo was of course, doing his favorite thing in the whole world- - ROOTING! I did my homework assignment, then went outside to see him. My dad told me that he and Rambo had gone into the ditch by our house so that he could eat some Dandelion leaves! Rambo was so excited when he learned that my dad and I were going back into the ditch! He was oinking all the way there! It was pretty cute. My dad found some pretty big dandelion plants in the ditch. I never knew there were so many! Rambo had a little bit of a hard time digging up the roots though, so my dad had grabbed a screwdriver and was helping Rambo pull the roots out of the ground. Rambo of course didn't like that dad was trying to help him, because he was supposedly thinking that dad might try to eat his root, so he pushed my dad's hand away a couple times. Overall, Rambo got to eat about four dandelion plants before we had to go back to the house to start supper. Rambo was kind of sad when we had to leave, but once he saw that he got to have Cheerios in his apple jug, he was pretty excited to leave! So, I grabbed a bag of Cheerios and walked Rambo back to his pen. But Rambo basically pulled my dad back to his pen because he was so excited! So, once I got the Cheerios in the bottle, I dropped it on the ground, and Rambo plowed right into it, intent on getting those Cheerios!


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