Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Cards!

My family and I had been discussing this for awhile, and could never decide the perfect day to do it. What were we trying to plan you may ask? Well the answer to that question is: taking the picture for our Christmas cards. This Christmas card wasn't just the Christmas card with the members of the family, we also had to include the ANIMALS! So in our picture was the following: Saydee and Mia (the pugs), and Rambo (the pig). Today was a rainy day, so we had to try and get this photo taken before more rain started to fall. Here is how it went:

My dad grabbed Rambo from his pen, and my mom and brother grabbed the two pugs. We sat on the front steps of our house and held the animals. My brother held Saydee, my mom held Mia, and I held Rambo. My dad put on the automatic picture taker, and he ran to sit down.

Christmas Picture #1: Well, Mia started whining her head off, and Rambo decided to see what was wrong, so he turned his head around, and the camera took the picture. So, in that picture, all you saw was the back of Rambo's head. Scratch that photo!

Christmas Picture #2: I don't think you want to know what happened in that one. . . :)

Christmas Picture #3: FINALLY! WE FINALLY GOT A PERFECT PICTURE!!! Saydee did pretty well in this picture, she even looked at the camera. Mia, we decided was very photogenic, because she sat up straight and looked right at the camera. And Rambo, well he wouldn't look at the camera, so I had to turn to the side to get him to look at the camera! :)

Taking pictures is very hectic sometimes, but it went pretty well over all!!! I was so glad!


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