Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another vacation with Rambo!

Sorry I didn't post for a few days, this is because, Rambo went hunting again! I wasn't able to get any pictures this time because we forgot our camera, but Rambo did the same thing he did the last time. . . He rooted! On Saturday, Rambo rooted the ENTIRE day without stopping. I would come back from hunting, he would be digging, I looked out the window in the cabin, he would be digging, etc. Rambo was so exhausted when he got in the car today to go home, he lied down instantly! He would rest his head on my hand, and he would lay there, all nice and calm. Except, when we went over bridges, he would sit up for a few seconds, then he would lay back down again. It was pretty cute! When we finally got home, my dad lifted Rambo out of the car and I brought him to his pen. He was trotting all the way over to his house. I opened the gate and he walked right in and I unhooked him from his leash, and he immediately went inside his house. I plugged in his heater, and it warmed up in there right away! I also fluffed up his hay, and put his blankets and his toy inside his house too! He was so happy! I also fed him some Cheerios too. He is now sound asleep in his house! He was such a good pig!


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