Monday, November 30, 2009


I was so happy when I got home today, my mom drove up to Rambo's house and we looked outside, and. . . Rambo's water dish was outside! It was so funny! I jumped out of the car and grabbed the water jug, it was completely dry! So, when Rambo popped out, I told him I was going to get him some water. His only reply was a "grunt." :) So I walked over to the faucet and filled up his water, and brought it back. My mom grabbed his Cheerio container, and I filled up his apple juice jug with some Cheerios, and dropped it on the ground. Rambo immediately attacked it and started shoving it around with his nose! He is so cute! When I left his pen, I turned around and saw his big, long, tail wagging, and he was pushing around the jug.
It was 4:30, so I looked outside, and Rambo's beautiful Christmas lights were on when I went out to feed him. I complemented him on lights, but the only thing he was focused on at the moment were the potbelly pig food that I had in my hand! He is such a fun little guy!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rambo has Christmas Lights!

Rambo really has the Christmas spirit with his bright twinkling lights! We managed to snap a picture of his lights, here it is:

Here is Rambo's nice, bright condo! Isn't it cute? Rambo even has
a timer for his lights. When its time to turn off the lights, the timer
will turn them off! Its pretty nifty!
Did you also notice the little white dots falling on Rambo's blog? It must mean it is SNOWING!!!! Rambo insisted that I put it on here! I found these little snowflakes on a blog called Olive Tree.
In other news with Rambo, today my dad and I filed Rambo's nails! He seemed to like getting his pedicure! He would lay there and grunt. He is such a happy pig!


Rambo and the Bird Seed!

It is just so funny what Rambo finds to eat! Today, my dad was putting Christmas lights up and we let Rambo out. Rambo trotted right over to the tree, and eats the little pieces of bird seed that he finds in the ground. I have been watching him for the past 5 minutes, and all he is doing is eating the seed! He is like a vacuum cleaner! I was telling him that its called BIRD seed not POTBELLIED PIG seed. He doesn't seem to care though. He is pretty happy, because looking at him right now, his tail is wagging! I just love his tail! It is the cutest! It is pretty chilly though. It is always nice to walk into the house and have it be nice and warm. Rambo's house is like that too! If it's cold outside, he always has a warm house to walk into!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Rambo's Hooves

A few days ago, my dad and I were sitting with Rambo, and we looked at his hooves and noticed they were a little long. My dad said we would have to get a file and file them down a little. So, when we go to the store sometime, we will be picking up a file for Rambo! Rambo doesn't seem to care that his hooves are getting a little long, I guess it doesn't bother him! He is so fun! He is always digging at my pocket if he smells some cheerios in my pocket, he loves to talk, and he loves to be hugged! I am always having fun with Rambo. He is funny!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rambo had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Everyone thought he was so cute! Rambo got to be pet, given an apple, and Rambo figured out he liked. . . BIRD SEED! Silly Rambo, he is always eating the silliest things. Rambo squealed in protest as my dad was trying to bring him to his pen, he wanted to keep eating the bird seed! It was funny. Rambo was a perfect pig, when my aunt saw him, the first thing she said was: "He is so cute! Look at that tail!" Everyone always comments on Rambo's tail and whether or not it should be curly, or if its wagging like crazy! It's funny! Well, Rambo's Thanksgiving dinner was his Mazuri: Active Adult food. Although it probably was the best dinner he ever had. Rambo's meal also consisted of an apple and bird seed. I will probably have to steer clear of the bird seed for a while when I take Rambo on his walk!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


During dinner one night, I noticed my mom had put oranges on the table. So I asked my dad if Rambo liked oranges. I looked in my potbellied pig book, and I found that pigs loved any fruits or melons, so we gave Rambo a few pieces of an orange. We brought it out there, and Rambo was grunting, all excited to see what was on the Harry Potter paper plate! (Yes, I said Harry Potter paper plate!) So, I set the plate down, and I thought to myself: Maybe we should have given him some more! Because Rambo ate those pieces of oranges so fast, the orange pieces were gone when I looked back at the plate! I thought that was the funniest thing!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Cards!

My family and I had been discussing this for awhile, and could never decide the perfect day to do it. What were we trying to plan you may ask? Well the answer to that question is: taking the picture for our Christmas cards. This Christmas card wasn't just the Christmas card with the members of the family, we also had to include the ANIMALS! So in our picture was the following: Saydee and Mia (the pugs), and Rambo (the pig). Today was a rainy day, so we had to try and get this photo taken before more rain started to fall. Here is how it went:

My dad grabbed Rambo from his pen, and my mom and brother grabbed the two pugs. We sat on the front steps of our house and held the animals. My brother held Saydee, my mom held Mia, and I held Rambo. My dad put on the automatic picture taker, and he ran to sit down.

Christmas Picture #1: Well, Mia started whining her head off, and Rambo decided to see what was wrong, so he turned his head around, and the camera took the picture. So, in that picture, all you saw was the back of Rambo's head. Scratch that photo!

Christmas Picture #2: I don't think you want to know what happened in that one. . . :)

Christmas Picture #3: FINALLY! WE FINALLY GOT A PERFECT PICTURE!!! Saydee did pretty well in this picture, she even looked at the camera. Mia, we decided was very photogenic, because she sat up straight and looked right at the camera. And Rambo, well he wouldn't look at the camera, so I had to turn to the side to get him to look at the camera! :)

Taking pictures is very hectic sometimes, but it went pretty well over all!!! I was so glad!


Saturday, November 21, 2009


Rambo had a fun day today! First, Rambo and my dad went running in the ditch! It was pretty funny, my dad said that Rambo ran down into the ditch, then he kept running, and running! It sounded pretty funny! Then, Rambo got to dig around outside, my mom got a little wary when Rambo was digging all kinds of big holes! He was half buried in one hole he was digging! :) Rambo was pretty tired after that exercise, so I went and sat in his house with him. I fed him some Cheerios and re-filled his water jug. My dad and I taught Rambo how to take Cheerios from us without him biting our fingers on accident. We tell him to "sit," then Rambo sits, and we give him his Cheerio. He nibbles on the Cheerio and bites it in half without biting our fingers! We even were able to show him how to stand on his back legs and take the Cheerio without accidentally getting our fingers too! I am so proud of him!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Gifts!!!!

Well, it's that time of year again! The time where you are bustling about trying to find gifts for friends and family! It's a little different for me this year because I am not only looking for presents for my friends and family, but Rambo too! I had one idea in mind that I got from a website called It is a website especially for potbellied pigs, and I found under the Amusement section on the website something called a "busy ball." It is a ball that you can put treats inside, and your pig can roll it, and treats will fall out! I thought that this toy would be perfect for Rambo since:

1. He gets bored sometimes.

2. He loves Cheerios and rolling things around!

I will have to look into getting this for him, and it would greatly replace the apple juice bottle that he has outside, which he could wreck sometime, and the busy ball is indestructible to pigs, so there is another reason why it would be a good gift for him! I found a picture on the website of the owner's pig, Ziggy, playing with his busy ball. . .

Here it is! The busy ball! It would be the perfect size for Rambo, and with his big, strong, snout, he wouldn't have any trouble pushing it around!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another vacation with Rambo!

Sorry I didn't post for a few days, this is because, Rambo went hunting again! I wasn't able to get any pictures this time because we forgot our camera, but Rambo did the same thing he did the last time. . . He rooted! On Saturday, Rambo rooted the ENTIRE day without stopping. I would come back from hunting, he would be digging, I looked out the window in the cabin, he would be digging, etc. Rambo was so exhausted when he got in the car today to go home, he lied down instantly! He would rest his head on my hand, and he would lay there, all nice and calm. Except, when we went over bridges, he would sit up for a few seconds, then he would lay back down again. It was pretty cute! When we finally got home, my dad lifted Rambo out of the car and I brought him to his pen. He was trotting all the way over to his house. I opened the gate and he walked right in and I unhooked him from his leash, and he immediately went inside his house. I plugged in his heater, and it warmed up in there right away! I also fluffed up his hay, and put his blankets and his toy inside his house too! He was so happy! I also fed him some Cheerios too. He is now sound asleep in his house! He was such a good pig!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Digging in the ditch!

I got home from school today, and my dad was home with Rambo. I looked outside, and Rambo was of course, doing his favorite thing in the whole world- - ROOTING! I did my homework assignment, then went outside to see him. My dad told me that he and Rambo had gone into the ditch by our house so that he could eat some Dandelion leaves! Rambo was so excited when he learned that my dad and I were going back into the ditch! He was oinking all the way there! It was pretty cute. My dad found some pretty big dandelion plants in the ditch. I never knew there were so many! Rambo had a little bit of a hard time digging up the roots though, so my dad had grabbed a screwdriver and was helping Rambo pull the roots out of the ground. Rambo of course didn't like that dad was trying to help him, because he was supposedly thinking that dad might try to eat his root, so he pushed my dad's hand away a couple times. Overall, Rambo got to eat about four dandelion plants before we had to go back to the house to start supper. Rambo was kind of sad when we had to leave, but once he saw that he got to have Cheerios in his apple jug, he was pretty excited to leave! So, I grabbed a bag of Cheerios and walked Rambo back to his pen. But Rambo basically pulled my dad back to his pen because he was so excited! So, once I got the Cheerios in the bottle, I dropped it on the ground, and Rambo plowed right into it, intent on getting those Cheerios!


Monday, November 9, 2009

Rambo's Hunting Adventure!

We have come back from our hunting trip! I had so much fun, but sadly, no one got a deer. Rambo had a whole lot of fun! He didn't go hunting, but he did love digging in the dirt! I think he may have overworked his nose though, because on the way home, he fell asleep as soon as he got in the car! Here are some pictures:

Doesn't Rambo look nice in this picture? He is wearing his blaze orange
bandanna! It was always easy to see Rambo digging in the dirt when
we came back from hunting!

Here is a cute picture of Rambo eating some lettuce.

Rambo is still eating his lettuce! I loved his bandanna! It got a bit dirty though. :)

Rambo is still eating! Heehee! My dad took this picture, because
he liked having the woods showing in the background.

Well, that's all of Rambo's Hunting pictures! He was a very good boy up at the cabin! Everyone loved him, my godparent's dog Snicker even liked him too!


Friday, November 6, 2009

On the road with Rambo!

Today is the day! We are heading up north with Rambo! He is very excited to go up there! He is going to meet some new friends, my godparents. We are also going to be taking our Christmas pictures up there also! I am very happy also, because Rambo still fits in his kennel! While heading up there, I will be reading him a book, although I can't decide which one. . . Hmm. . . I will have to think about it. I have got to go and get Rambo ready to go now!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today with Rambo. . .

Today, when I got home from school, Rambo was outside waiting for us! I went outside right away to see him! He was running low on water, so I refilled it, and I put some Cheerios in his jug for him to roll around. He had great fun with that! It started to rain after awhile, and my mom, brother, and I were going to my brother's guitar lesson. So we went, and then we came home. It was still raining out when we arrived back at home, but I still went out and fed Rambo!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rambo is strong!

Rambo is so strong! I had my Grandma and Grandpa over, and I was going to get Rambo out on his leash, so I got his leash out of his house, and I was about to hook him up until. . . Rambo ran out of his pen, with me still hanging onto his harness! He stopped running after about 2 seconds, and I was sprawled on the ground. I wasn't hurt or anything and it was quite funny after I lay there for about a minute! I finally got Rambo attached to his leash, and we fed him some fat free popcorn! A special treat! Rambo liked it a lot!


Rambo's going hunting!

Next Weekend, my family and I are going up to my godfather's cabin and we are going to go hunting! Rambo is coming with us too! He has gotten so big, we are afraid he might not fit in his carrier anymore! Rambo is going to have so much fun, he will have lots of places to root in, and we will probably be able to find him lots of dandilion leaves! Maybe even a special treat, he will get to sleep on my bed! Then, when we go hunting, my mom is going to stay back and take care of him. I will have to post some pictures of him on his adventure!
I had gone to a friend's house on Friday and had slept over night. I had so much fun! My mom and dad had sent me some cute pictures of him of my dad holding him. When I got home I was so excited to see my family, and Rambo too!